Thursday, January 27, 2011

Want sympathy? If you're a teenage girl, tell a rape lie about a young man

Another woman in her late teens has lied about rape to gain sympathy, and once again, she will not serve any time behind bars.

Jemma Knights, 18, pleaded guilty to wasting police time at Lowestoft Magistrates’ Court.  Magistrates heard that Knights, who lives in support housing, told police in July she had been raped. Knights had falsely claimed she was raped to try and make friends with someone at the college she was going to.  Between July and October, Lowestoft police wasted 37 hours investigating the rape claim, which Knights eventually told officers was made up. She was given a six- month community supervision order yesterday.

Here is the story:

(It is not clear, but from what we can piece together, Knights might have had a 19-year-old man arrested last July. See here.)

Among the innumerable myths posited by the sexual grievance industry to justify its existence is that women don't lie about rape because they would not subject themselves to a "second rape" at the hands of our law enforcement apparatuses. This, of course, is a flat-out lie, and every day, we report on case after case after case that exposes the lie.

If young women are willing to destroy the life of a male they know for no reason other than to gain sympathy -- and, sadly, that is common -- not only does the "second rape" myth need to permanently retired, but young men have much to fear.