Thursday, January 27, 2011

New T Mobile TV ad: The guy is 'stupid and weak'

There are two men and a woman in this T Mobile commercial. Watch the You Tube video here: The older man is a stereotypical, greedy capitalist.  The young man is such a complete dunce, despite his cocksure demeanor, that the smart, beautiful woman can't help but laugh at him.

Ads, to varying degrees, hold a mirror up to wider social beliefs. This article sums up how women as a class treat men as a class in our modern, enlightened society. It's only natural that ads would echo these attitudes.

The following comment under the You Tube post of the T Mobile ad sums up not just this ad, but the way American television marketing portrays the genders: "Love this commercial, the girl (T mobile) looks so weak compared to the stronger man (I phone 4). Yet, she is the one who is stronger and smarter. The shritless guy is to look stupid and weak. Awesome! Girls Rock!" cutegirl00179 8 hours ago cutegirl00179

Yep. Girls rock! Guys are stupid and weak.

Thanks to Jason.