Thursday, January 27, 2011

Serial False Rape Accuser Gets Two Year Sentence for Claims that Caused Four Young Men to be Arrested

A follow up to our story HERE. As you read the story below, keep in mind that four young men were arrested and interrogated for 11-and-one-half to 17 hours each, on the say so of one young woman.  She lied about three of the men while she was on bail after the first rape lie.  (It is astounding that the police treated these latter three claims seriously in light of the fact she was on bail for a false rape lie.)

For what other crime does our society hand to one class of citizens the unfettered power to have another class of citizens deprived of their liberty solely on their say so?  The fact that four young men could be terrified in this manner, by a young rape liar who used the police apparatus as her muscle, tells us that there is something very wrong with the system.


A woman from Reading has been jailed for two years for making two false allegations of rapes against four men, according to police.  Emma Blunden, 21, from College Piece, Mortimer, Reading, Berkshire, was sentenced at Reading Crown Court having been convicted of two counts of perverting the course of justice at the same court in December.

Blunden reported to police on July 26, 2008, that she had been raped by a 26-year-old man in a hostel where she was living in Newbury. Police then arrested the man who was questioned for 17 hours before police realised he was innocent and released him.  Blunden boasted about having sex with this particular man and sent him a text message to apologise for getting him arrested. This lie was a misguided attempt to win back a former boyfriend.

She was then arrested herself and interviewed about her false allegations but released so that police could investigate further.  While out on bail, on February 4 she went to a party and flirted with a man before letting three men have sex with her in a communal bathroom, one after another.  She then left the party and dialled 999 to say that her train fare money had been stolen; then she added that she had been gang raped by two 21-year-old men, and one 23-year-old man.

On her word, these three men were taken into custody and needlessly questioned for 11-and-one-half to 13 hours each, before they were released without charge.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said that after extensive investigations into both incidents, Blunden was charged with two counts of perverting the course of justice.

Detective Sergeant Evans said: "This sentence sends out a very strong message to people who falsely report any type of crime, not only rapes.

"Making false reports of crime is a very serious offence and Blunden has made false allegations about very serious incidents on two separate occasions. A huge amount of police officers' time went into investigating both of these incidents, taking officers away from helping genuine victims of crime.

"Three men were also arrested following her initial reports and they had to endure some intimate forensic examinations.

"We always take reports of rape very seriously, but when we find reports to have been made up we will investigate them just as vigorously.

"We will take action against anyone who reports a false crime and wastes police time."

"Blunden now has a considerable period of time to reflect on the seriousness of her actions."

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