Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rape = young, white, undeservedly privileged heterosexual males

The injustice of Duke lacrosse was no fluke. It was the product of an ugly progressive mindset that negatively stereotypes young, white, upper-middle class, heterosexual males as undeservedly privileged purveyors of rape culture -- the entitled practitioners of vile predatory sexual behavior (and, no, angry feminist readers, I am not suggesting that white males have had it worse than black males when it comes to false rape claims, or anything else -- that would be an impossibility. The fact is, you have never really cared about any males when it comes to false rape claims, white or black, but it's nice of you to take an interest now).  Think of the sneering, self-righteous Group of 88, simmering with mindless detestation for young white straight men, and you know what I mean.

Here's an artistic articulation of that attitude. In David LaChapelle's controversial "The Rape of Africa," based on Botticelli’s “Venus and Mars,” Africa, the beautiful continent, is represented by Naomi Campbell, and the piece suggests that she has been ravaged by white Europe.  Europe, of course, is represented by a young, white male, snoozing carelessly while he is protected by three black boys who will do his dirty work.  They are surrounded by treasures taken from the continent.  Ms. Campbell is one of the treasures.