Thursday, January 13, 2011

More proof of modern feminism's moral bankruptcy

In a peculiar and convoluted article, Jessica Valenti suggests that masculinity is to blame for the Arizona shooting rampage that left six people dead and 13 others injured last Saturday.

Let's briefly examine the, um, logic that led to that conclusion -- and then you tell me if feminism hasn't hit a new low for practicing double standards.

First, Valenti says this: "It remains unclear why 22-year-old Jared Loughner targeted [Congressman] Giffords, though reports of his mental instability and possible political beliefs are slowly pouring in. Without obvious answers at the ready, Americans are focusing on the culture of increasing vitriol in US politics."

Excuse me, Ms. Valenti, but all of the focus on "increasing vitriol" in politics is coming from one segment of Americans: marginalized far left ideologues who have crassly seized a tragedy caused not by any discernible political ideology but by mental illness in a disingenuous attempt to fasten responsibility for it on conservatives.

Valenti then declares that this "vitriol" even has a gender. Yep. It's male, of course, and she proves that by pointing to politicians' use of masculine language, including the phrase "man up," which is designed to show the electorate that the speaker isn't feminine. She declares: "In a country that sees masculinity – especially violent masculinity – as the ideal, it's no wonder that this type of language resonates."  

I must note that the blanket declaration that America sees "violent masculinity" as "the ideal" isn't just a stretch, it's so preposterous that it is unworthy of serious refutation. It would mean, for example, that America holds the Unabomber, but not Captain Chesley Sullenberger, as "the ideal."
I haven't seen so much straw man since Dorothy met up with Ray Bolger on the Yellow Brick Road.

The upshot, Valenti suggests in an oblique and byzantine way, is that masculinity is to blame for the rampage.

Now think about this carefully. Do you see the irony in someone like Jessica Valenti blaming masculinity for the Arizona shooting rampage?  In case I need to remind anyone, Ms. Valenti belongs to a group that has a conniption anytime someone suggests young women would be prudent not to drink to excess, flirt with men they don’t know, and then head back to the men's apartments with them.  If the women thereafter claim they are raped, feminists denounce any suggestion that the women failed to take proper precautions as “victim blaming.”

You see, dear friends, feminists insist that the rapist alone is responsible for raping, and must be held fully accountable for it.
If the feminists are right about that, why are they and like-minded progressives so eager to give Jared Loughner a pass here?  Or does personal responsibility only extend to rape cases?

Why are progressives, which includes feminists, so eager to blame everyone and everything for this rampage -- from Sarah Palin, to the Tea Party movement, to Jared Loughner’s favorite video “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, to conservative talkmeisters Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck, to masculinity itself -- everyone and everything except Jared Loughner?

You see, we live in a culture where we aren't allowed even to hint that a girl was less than prudent for putting herself in obvious harm's way with a rapist, but it's perfectly fair to malign an entire gender for the literally insane acts of one deranged person.
I point all this out in case anyone needs further proof of modern feminism's dishonesty, its generalized mental instability, and its blatant and palpable moral bankruptcy.