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Police say follower of Wicca murdered man, don't buy her story that he tried to rape her

Police say the woman in the story below lied that the man she killed had tried to rape her. If the police are correct, this woman is the personification of evil: she not only killed an innocent man, she tried to destroy his good name after he could no longer defend it.

Thanks to Kevin for the link.

‘Witch’ charged with slaying man during spring ritual

A rite of spring allegedly turned deadly for a New Mexico man.

A woman claiming to be a follower of Wicca, a pagan religion often associated with witchcraft, is accused of killing a man shed met an Albuquerque hiking trail with a dagger she said was to be used in ritualistic celebration of spring.

Angela Sanford told police that victim Joel Leyva, a man she had only just met, tied her arms, made “inappropriate sexual gestures,” and took the dagger from her, ABC News reports.

Sanford told police that she feared Leyva was going to rape her, and decided to take charge of the situation by wriggling free of the ropes and allowing him to believe he was being seduced. She allegedly pushed Leyva on his back, removed her clothing except for her underwear, and knelt on the ground over him. She then then stabbed Leyva “three times in the stomach area.”

Sanford allegedly left the scene, eventually asking a hiker to use a cell phone to call police.

But investigators found multiple inconsistencies in Sanford’s story of attempted rape. Leyva was actually stabbed 11 to 13 times in the head and torso, police said.

According to police reports, none of the witnesses saw Sanford fleeing the area or calling out for help, and her clothes were found folded at the scene.

“Sanford is currently facing a single count of murder, and she's being held on $500,000 bond,” Pat Davis of the Albuquerque District Attorney's office told ABC News today.

Albuquerque Police Department spokeswoman Nadine Hamby told ABC News that Sanford's claims of Wiccan beliefs have not influenced the investigation.

“A homicide is a homicide,” said Hamby.


Woman lied about sexual assault in Waterloo

No reason why she called in the false report. But once again we see the police, after investigating, determined it to be false.

Unnamed woman files false sexual assault report

WATERLOO — Police have determined that a woman who said she was sexually assaulted while walking through Waterloo Park early Sunday morning was lying.

Waterloo Regional Police were called about a sexual assault that allegedly occurred around 1:20 a.m. Sunday as a 19-year-old Hamilton teen walked through the park.

The female teen said she had left a bar in downtown Waterloo and was attacked as she walked through the park. She said she was able to leave the area after being sexually assaulted. She reported the incident to some people who were walking in the area. Police were then called.

The female was taken to hospital and released.

Police searched the area with a canine unit but were unable to locate the alleged predator.

Detectives began investigating and determined the female had given false information. No sexual assault had occurred.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Falsely accused young man subjected to atrocities in jail

I have a news story hot off the newswire, below, that fairly sums up our mission here. It is disgusting, and shocking, and difficult to read. If it doesn't get your blood boiling, you are not human.  But I must preface it because without context it is meaningless.

Some self-anointed "enlightened" people think our site is unnecessary, or "crap."  Most are content to snipe at us from behind the Lace Curtain (a term coined by Nicholas Davidson, author of The Failure of Feminism (Buffalo, NY: Prometheus, 1988)),where women don't lie about rape and men can't be victims -- of anything -- except, of course, things other men do to them, because "patriarchy hurts men, too."  Sigh.  (I just attempted to post a pair of comments on one site that denigrated us -- I've advised the moderator that she'd do well to explain her libel of our site, because I am looking for one such site to sue (to make an example of). I am weary of mischaracterizations from the Self-Righteous Misinformed, and I told her that she might just be hearing from me in the form of a lawsuit).

Here's a story, below, where the incalculable harm to the man was caused not by patriarchy (surprise!) but by a false rape accuser. It underscores all the problems for the falsely accused that we routinely discuss here: innocent men are arrested and jailed for lengthy periods of time based on the say so of a lone accuser who, too often, turns out to be a liar; they are denied anonymity with, as here, often brutal effects on their their good names, their physical safety, their very lives, while the identities of their false accusers are guarded with all the tenacity that Clark Kent guards Superman's; and their false accusers are hardly ever charged, much less convicted.  Here the false accuser had done it before. She's still not named, and there's no indication she will be charged. The innocent young man in questionn was jailed for a year and subjected to jailhouse atrocities after other prisoners read he was a "rapist" in the newspaper.  Her motivation?  Likely the compensation the UK gives rape "victims" (but the UK begrudges compensating men like this young man).  You see, the UK gives women incentive to lie about rape, as we've previously discussed on this site.

If you think cases like the one below are in some manner "acceptable," kindly explain why. I would love to hear you say that it is unfortunate, but necessary, that some young men like this are cast into a false rape hell so that we might better fight the War on Rape.  I'd love to hear you say that young men like this are necessary collateral damage.
Read the news story after the jump:

Leicester police seek charges against teen who reported rape

About time. The police chief wants stiffer penalties for false accusations. Let's all hope he gets what he wants. And notice, this story actually contains 2 separate false accusation cases.

18 year old unnamed woman files false rape accusation.

— Police are seeking criminal charges against an 18-year-old woman who authorities said lied about being raped by a family acquaintance.

The investigation is unrelated to the case against a Brookfield man whose rape charges were dismissed recently in Western Worcester District Court in East Brookfield after a teenager admitted her accusations were a lie.

Citing fraudulent crime reports in his town and around the area, Police Chief James J. Hurley said stiffer penalties for filing false police reports are needed. Those accused face harsher penalties than those making false claims against them, he said.

“The Leicester Police Department has laid off police officers due to funding shortages yet the taxpayers have to foot the bill for this type of fraudulent report,” Chief Hurley said. “The punishment for this type of crime needs to be increased. If you fraudulently accuse someone of a crime that could put them in jail for 20 years, then the person who fraudulently reports the crime should face the same penalty.”

Police Chief James J. Hurley declined to identify the woman, a former town resident, saying she has not been charged in court yet. Police have filed an application for criminal charges of filing a false police report, misleading a police investigation and perjury against the woman in Western Worcester District Court. The woman will appear in court at a future date, police said.

Leicester police received a report in November that a woman living in an apartment in town — the address was not released — went to do some laundry and came back to her apartment to find a man inside.

The woman told police she was grabbed from behind by the man, who was armed with a knife. She claimed the man forcibly raped her and identified her alleged attacker as a family acquaintance.

“During the course of the investigation police processed the crime scene for evidence and interviewed a number of individuals pertaining to the crime,” police said in a news release. “The woman even went to the hospital and submitted to a sexual assault evidence kit, which was sent to the state crime lab for processing.”

Police helped the woman receive an emergency restraining order and she later appeared in court to extend it, which was granted.

The detective working the case noticed inconsistencies in the woman's story. The investigator had sufficient evidence to show the reported rape never occurred and he confronted the woman.

“More of the story didn't add up,” Chief Hurley said.

The man was never arrested or charged in the case, the chief said. The woman, in a videotaped interview, admitted the accusations were false, according to the chief.

Sgt. Paul Doray, who investigated the case, spoke to the chief during the investigation about the inconsistencies. The family also began to pressure the investigator about why no criminal charges were filed, Chief Hurley said.

The chief commended the work of Sgt. Doray and noted that without the sergeant's dedicated work, someone could have been falsely accused of a serious crime.

“As police officers, this is something we don't want to have happen on our watch,” Chief Hurley said. “Sgt. Doray did an outstanding job in getting to the truth in this investigation.

Filing a false police report and misleading police are crimes that can lead to jail time. The maximum penalty for falsely reporting a crime is one year in jail and/or a $500 fine. Misleading a police investigation carries a sentence of no more than two-and-a-half years in jail or a maximum of 10 years in prison, or a fine of $1,000 to $5,000.

Also frustrating to the chief is that these types of false reports place police in the position of having to scrutinize victims more to verify their stories. Having to interrogate a true victim is “just not right,” the chief said.

In the past 18 months, Leicester police have investigated four different reports, including cases involving an armed robbery, a pedestrian allegedly hit by a car and an abduction on Route 9, which all turned out to be false.

Investigations also cost money in terms of manpower dedicated to the cases. This can cost the department thousands of dollars, Chief Hurley said. The department has laid off officers and is facing more cuts.

The charges in the Brookfield case were dismissed last week after the girl sent a letter to the court indicating the accusations were false.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Midshipman 'resoundingly acquitted of rape,' faces court martial on minor charges to appease feminists

As you read the story linked below, watch for the following quote by the Vice Admiral who felt pressured to sacrifice an able and worthy midshipman to the forces of gender political correctness: "If I did not take him to a [general court martial], we would have had every feminist organization and the ACLU after us." That one chilling, and, yes, disgusting, quote ably sums up a principal reason that the rights and liberties of innocent men and boys are tossed onto a scrapheap of indifference when it comes to rape allegations. The Navy has made a 23-year-old African-American midshipman its poster child for men who rape after he was subjected to a bogus rape charge by a white woman "whose violations of Navy rules were worse than his." She was granted immunity, of course; his promising career faces ruin. Another innocent man sacrificed as necessary collateral damage in the "more important" war on rape. When will the feminists, the Navy, and everyone else, realize that cases like this only hurt the cause of raising awareness about rape? Cases like this engender outrage and the unmistakable feeling that if this is the best "rape" case the Navy can find, then it really must not have a rape problem. Cases like this suggest that the sexual grievance industry is less intent on fighting rape than it is in exacting gender payback against men in general, and that it will use any male -- guilty or innocent -- to make its point.

Read the story here:

False rape claim

They are partially named, which, including the city they are from should help people identify them.

A woman who claimed she had been brutally raped has admitted that she had in fact invented the whole thing.

Anjelika P., of Krosno Odrzanskie, originally told police that the attack had taken place in her own home, but came clean after investigators suspected that the story was false. Another woman, Dorota W., said that they were initially attacked on their way to work, but has since retracted her claim. “Neither of the women can explain why they decided to report a crime that never actually happened,” said police spokeswoman Agata Lubuska.

They now face up to three years in prison.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rape cases are assessed based on the strength of the victim's credibility

Excerpt from a law review article by Prof. Robert Mosteller of the University of North Carolina School of Law. It illustrates a point about liars, and how rape cases are judged in accordance with how strong a witness the alleged victim is:

. . . [There is a[ ] level of uncertainty that a defense attorney faces, which I illustrate by the story of a[ ] client, whom I call Client Not Guilty. Sometimes, as in the case I am about to discuss, powerful evidence exists that shows the government's case or its key witness is badly in error. That evidence may show the client's innocence, or it may rather show the inability of the government to successfully prosecute. For those who care about innocence, this distinction can be very important. Defense attorneys who concentrate on provable guilt do not draw such distinctions, but it is an important additional dimension to the difficulty of knowing when a client is innocent - typically counsel only has contestable evidence showing a likelihood of innocence.

Client Not Guilty was charged with rape. His story to the police, which never varied, was that he and the victim had sex, but it was consensual. He explained that they then had a heated argument after which she summoned the police. He gave the police officer who arrested him the same account. It was not credited by the police.

The evidence that led to the dismissal was the observation of a next door neighbor. The client told me that he had learned that this neighbor had seen him with the complaining witness together sitting and talking before they went inside his apartment where they had sex. The victim's version of the events to the police excluded any possibility of that congenial conversation taking place.

I went to the apartment of the neighbor, a woman I judged to be in her sixties, and asked her to tell me what she knew. She stood at her window and described in great detail what she witnessed, which diametrically opposed not only the point that the client related, but substantial additional parts of the victim's story. She was completely convincing to me and I could discern no bias toward or connection with my client.

I carried her information to the prosecutor, asking him to send the detectives assigned to the case to speak with her and inviting him to speak to her personally. I made no claim to him to know what had happened inside the apartment, but it was clear to me, as I suggested it would be to anyone who spoke to this lady and to any jury, that the complaining witness's version of events both leading up to the alleged rape and otherwise was false. The prosecutor subsequently called me and said he was dismissing the charges. He did not tell me whether he concluded that my client was innocent, that his case was untenable, or that he simply was unsure of guilt.

I do not know that this client was innocent, but the neighbor's evidence leads me to strongly suspect it. On the other hand, true victims may lie about parts of the event because they believe it puts them in a bad light. Moreover, the client did have a prior criminal record, although it included no sexual offenses.

Is this a case of innocence? As I have stated, I do not know. For those who care principally or exclusively about innocence, I wonder how it should be categorized.

Robert P. Mosteller, WHY DEFENSE ATTORNEYS CANNOT, BUT DO, CARE ABOUT INNOCENCE, 50 Santa Clara L. Rev. 1 (2010).

Friday, March 26, 2010

Young false rape victim lost his job, his housing, and the trust of his family

More details about this case.  A couple in their 40s will serve nine months in jail for falsely accusing an 18-year-old man of rape. (Of the false accusers, the wife seems to have been the mastermind here, yet her husband serves equal time -- unlike the typical case where the male partner is the mastermind -- in that case, the female partner serves substantially less, if any, time.)  Here, the young victim was arrested, kept in custody for 16 hours, and was forced to allow intimate medical samples to be taken from his body. As a result of the allegation, "the victim lost his accommodation, his job and the trust of his family."  At least the story calls the young man by his proper title: "victim."

Man and wife jailed over false rape claim

A COUPLE who invited a stranger to have sex behind a Maldon church and then made a false rape allegation against him have been jailed.

Mark and Elaine Noble, of Mundon Road, offered a Turkish man they met outside the Oak House Cafe Bar £20 for sex, Chelmsford Crown Court heard on Monday.

The wife, 42, pulled down the man's trousers and boxer shorts and performed a sex act on him at the back of All Saints Church in the High Street while her 45-year-old husband watched.


She then started reaching inside his pocket to find money and the man, who was feeling uncomfortable, decided to run away, prosecutor Stephanie Farrimond told the court.

She returned to the bar after the incident and banged on the door claiming she had been raped.

She said her husband had chased after the alleged attacker and they both continued the false allegation when police arrived.

However, the pair pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice on October 16 last year and Judge Anthony Goldstaub QC jailed them both for nine months on Monday.

The 18-year-old victim was kept in custody for 16 hours and intimate medical samples were taken.

The couple's false claim unravelled when a witness and CCTV backed up his account.

However, as a result of the allegation the victim lost his accommodation, his job and the trust of his family.

The judge told the Nobles: "A false allegation has an invidious affect on public confidence of the truth.

"Your contribution has been such that when genuine victims of rape complain they may be listened to with less attention and some suspicion they may have made it up, as you did."

Ms Farrimond said the pair had been drinking and taking cocaine and had been involved in threesomes in the past.

Investigating officer, DC Alison Cotter said after the hearing: "Every time a false allegation of rape is made it heightens the difficulty for those women who have been the victims of this horrendous crime.

"These two people have carried out a gross disservice to every genuine victim of a sexual offence.

"An innocent suspect was arrested and had to go through the ordeal of being held in custody and undergoing a medical examination that is intrusive and personal.


"He has had to endure the stigma of being suspected of a serious offence, only to be cleared of a crime he knew he had not committed.

"Detectives spent many hours of police time on this investigation while they could have been employed dealing with genuine cases."

The court was told that Mark Noble had been crippled after an industrial accident and his wife was his carer.

She lived an isolated life other than occasional trips to the pub with her husband.


Woman faces charges for false rape report

It doesn't explicitly state it, but I get the feeling that the rape charge was filed because her husband found out she cheated. Either way, it appears she claimed it to cover up her bad actions.

Kim Inslee charged with filing a false report.

NORTH BROOKFIELD — A 23-year-old woman has been arraigned on charges she filed a false report with police last summer, telling them she’d been raped in a vehicle when she’d really arranged the back-seat tryst herself.

Kim Inslee of 24 Grove St. called police from her home just after 1:15 a.m. July 16 and told an officer who responded she’d been walking around town after arguing with her disabled husband about their lack of sex when a man pulled her into a dark-green SUV. He raped her, she said, forced her to have oral sex, cleaned her up and dragged her out of the vehicle near the library. She walked home after the alleged encounter.

Court documents indicate Ms. Inslee gave police a detailed description of the alleged rapist, telling them he was a clean-shaven black man, 6 feet tall, with a deep voice. She provided details of the incident and said the man had a yellow safety vest hanging from the back seat.

She was taken to a hospital for treatment and so evidence might be collected while police put out an alert for area law enforcement officers to be on the lookout for the green SUV and its driver. But they were never found.

Later that day, when police did a follow-up interview, Ms. Inslee admitted “there was a pre-arranged meeting through a mutual friend to meet this ‘suspect’ for the express purpose of consensual sex,” police wrote in their report.

The description of the man was accurate, but there was “no rape or use of force at all,” the report says.

After conferring with staff from the Worcester district attorney’s office, Ms. Inslee was charged with false reporting of a crime and making a false statement under penalty of perjury.

Ms. Inslee was arraigned yesterday in Western Worcester District Court in East Brookfield. Her case is scheduled for a pretrial hearing March 9.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angry feminist puts this Web site in its place

I think it's good, every once in a while, to illustrate what a Canadian feminist moonbat (and yes, I appreciate that this is a term of disparagement of "progressives") looks like.  This was a comment from Ontario left under this post.  Please note that as commentators here probably realize, any comment left on posts more than a couple days old requires approval. So, yes, dear, readers, I specifically approved this one -- for comic relief.  (The reason we require approval for old posts: spam.  This site is overrun with spam on old posts.)  Here are her/his comments -- filed under ANONYMOUS, of course, with my comments throughout:

Hey, you want to know why the newspaper reports sexual assaults, whether attempted, false, or real, in such a fashion? TO WARN OTHER WOMEN. At the time of the rape, no one knows whether it was real or not, so it's better to warn the public. ALSO, the Toronto police were put on trial in the 80s for NOT warning the public about a balcony rapist, which could have prevented real rapes.

[FRS COMMENT: Please read and re-read this breathtaking sentence: "At the time of the rape, no one knows whether it was real or not . . . ."  Get it?  Nobody knows if the rape occurred -- when the rape occurred.  Sounds like our brilliant commentator is convinced it was a rape, doesn't it?  Teaching moment: Nobody is suggesting that a possible rape isn't news.  We merely suggest that it be reported accurately.  "A rape was reported and the only evidence police have is the word of the accuser." Now that  would be accurate.] 

Of course I agree that some women lie about being raped, just as some men lie about NOT raping. And just to let you know, more women are actually raped then those that lied about it. Go to a sexual assault clinic and see what rape does to people. Some women are made INFERTILE by the brutality of rape.

[FRS COMMENT: You can tell that this woman/man is not a regular reader of this site, but she//he/it does have chutzpah.  Poor thing stumbled across our site after doing this search: "rape in cambridge ontario."  So she finds us, and her eyes are probably ready to pop out of her head -- because how dare someone suggest that the false rape epidemic is worthy of a website? She proceeds to post a comment on something we talked about more than two months ago, trying to educate us on rape and false rape claims!   A little serious advice, dear: you would do well to set aside your Womyn's Studies texts for a couple of weeks (better yet, burn them) and read through the objectively verifiable studies and other materials throughout this site.]


[FRS COMMENT: Boy, she really told me, didn't she?]

If you have any balls at all, you WON'T prevent this comment from appearing. I don't wish rape upon you, but having some guy slam you up against a wall and rape YOU in the ass might teach you a lesson, idiot.

[FRS COMMENT: I swear, feminists have this fetish about me being raped.  I mean, I let them come on this site to have their say about serious issues, and the first thing they want to talk about is me being raped. Gotta be honest, the image doesn't really do anything for me.]

P.S: I see the comments must be approved by the "author", so I know you read this, you asshole. Fuck you and horse you rode in on.
[FRS COMMENT: Hey!  Keep my horse out of it -- you'll have PETA all over us!]

Roethlisberger accuser apparently not cooperating; Ga. officials drop call for Roethlisberger's DNA

A report out of Pittsburgh says that the alleged victim in the Ben Roethlisberger "sexual assault" case has declined to be re-interviewed by police.  Roethlisberger is the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and one of the highest profile men falsely accused of rape in recent times.

"Sources close to the investigation say that investigators have had trouble re-interviewing the woman since the night of the incident. Sources say the 20-year-old co-ed did not show up for a scheduled interview a week ago yesterday and that as of Friday she still had not come in to be questioned. And the same source says the investigation seems to have it a brick wall."

The report also notes: "In an interview, lead investigator Tom Davis of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation openly discussed the fact that Roethlisberger has not been re-interviewed, but declined to comment on whether the victim had been re-interviewed."  Link:

This revelation follows closely the news that Georgia authorities no longer are requesting Roethlisberger's DNA, potentially significant because it means there is no physical evidence linking Roethlisberger to any potential crime.  Georgia officials previously sought the DNA, likely indicative that they had determined it somehow would be necessary or helpful to determining if a crime was committed.  No one has explained why the request was dropped.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports wrote this: ". . . there's the possibility that there has been a secret and confidential settlement, and that the deal specifically required her to no longer cooperate with the criminal investigation."

Sorry, Mike.  Any such contract would not be worth the ink used to sign it.  Any bargain for the purpose of stifling a criminal prosecution, whether or not the bargain is criminal, is always contrary to public policy and unenforceable.

Comment: Now, apparently, Mr. Roethlisberger is in a waiting game. We know that he has refused to be interviewed by police beyond his initial cooperation the night of the purported incident.  It is likely that his counsel knows that the young woman is not cooperating and that there is no reason to subject Big Ben to the ordeal of an interview, where one slip ultimately could prove fatal, assuming the young woman changes her mind and decides to cooperate.

For what other crime do we so readily hand one group of private citizens the power to deprive another group of private citizens their liberty?  Mr. Roethlisberger's liberty, and his future as an NFL star, could ride on whether the 20-year-old accuser decides to press charges.

Given the nature of these types of claims, even if the investigation closes without charges against Mr. Roethlisberger, the young woman likely won't be charged for filing a false report.  That means that even though he could be completely innocent, Ben Roethlisberger will always carry the taint of a man who possibly committed sexual assault.  That is neither fair nor just, and it's one of the reasons we advocate for the presumed innocent charged with rape and sexual assault to retain their anonymity unless and until convicted.

The plight of the falsely accused: 'She’s been let off and I’m still having to sneak around . . . .'

False rape claim destroyed my life

A YOUNG man falsely accused of rape has told how he went into hiding to escape retribution.

Grant Bowers, 20, says he still has to visit his parents’ home in the dark, and has lost friends following the false accusation from Sarah-Jane Hilliard, 21.

He suffered verbal abuse, threats and attacks on his flat and was forced to move following his arrest in July 2008 for a crime he did not commit.

The ordeal has also caused him to lose confidence, left him untrusting of young women and often makes him physically sick.

Hilliard was found guilty of perverting the course of justice at a trial last year, and on Monday she was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and 300 hours of community service.

Mr Bowers, who faced up to ten years in prison because of Hilliard’s lies, said she has got off lightly.

He said: “That’s not even a slap on the wrist.

“I was hoping she’d go to prison, or to hospital at the very least.

“She’s been let off and I’m still having to sneak around because there are still people after me who think I did it.”

His dad Tony, 48, added: “I’m dumbfounded.

“My son was facing up to ten years in prison for rape on the strength of her lies.

“He’s lost his freedom, yet she’s still got hers.”

Hilliard told cops Mr Bowers raped her in the toilets at Basildon train station, even though she had been the one who dragged him into the loos and initiated sex.

He was arrested at his family home and spent eight days on bail until police discovered Hilliard had been lying and dropped the charges.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OT: Feminist Psychiatrist: Let men be men -- it's how they're wired

I personally love this article.  It gives a scientific blessing, by a feminist no less, to what everyone not infected with Womyn's Studies classes knows without being told: males and females are wired differently. 

(Need further proof?  Get a bull and a cow, and watch which one the feminist lets her daughter walk up to.  But my guess is the bull is more aggressive because of socialization.  Right.)

Death of two-time false rape accuser is given the tragic movie star treatment

Yesterday, April Rose Ibbotson, a troubled 20-year-old, was found dead in Ontario of unknown causes.  She is remembered in a 1,102 word obituary in the Ontario Sun Times that chronicles her fun loving nature, troubled past, and chronic heart condition.  She is called "a happy girl who, despite her troubled past, was always joking and laughing and would do anything for anyone." Someone who knew her said: "She was an awesome girl."  A friend on a social networking site said: "This is definitely one life that was cut too short!!"

The story, in its tone and length, is the kind usually reserved for troubled young celebrities whose excesses have led to tragic deaths. It is the kind of heartrending, humanizing story you would never read about a 20-year-old male who had pled guilty to rape, for instance, regardless of how troubled his past or how fun loving his nature.

To put the length of the story into perspective: today's New York Times contains the obituary of Albert J. Rosenthal, former dean of Columbia Law School: it was 298 words in length. 

Interestingly, you have to read 765 words into the story about Ibbotson before you read a single word about her two false rape accusations. 

Regular readers of this blog might remember Ms. Ibbotson because we've previously featured her here. Perhaps the most distinctive point about her cases is the following: the news accounts chronicling her false rape claims always made sure to mention the beating and stabbing of a black man that occurred in the same vicinity, shortly after Ibbotson's second accusation, after he was falsely accused of rape by persons at a restaurant. The news accounts, and the Crown prosecutor, insisted there was no connection between that innocent man's injuries and Ms. Ibbottson's rape lies.

Yes, dear readers, Ms. Ibbotson's story is tragic, but not for the reasons hinted at in today's obituary.  She made two despicable, racist false rape claims and received essentially no punishment for them. She should have been in prison at the time she died, and if she had been, it's possible she would have received the medical attention she needed to save her life.  Her story is tragic because it underscores both the news media's and the law enforcement system's insistence on treating false rape claims as something other than serious crimes, and in treating false rape accusers as something other than "real" criminals -- they are treated as victims of their own troubled pasts who need counseling, not punishment. One of the most startling lines in the entire false rape milieu was spoken by the Crown prosecutor, who said this about Ibbotson's false rape claims: "[P]erhaps it's understandable," given her background.

Read that last line again. Let it sink in. 

And now you see what we're up against.

Ibbotson's story is worth retelling for the sad lessons it teaches:

Back in 2008, Ibbotson pleaded guilty to mischief by misleading police to believe she had been sexually assaulted twice -- within weeks of each other -- on June 21 and again July 24: 

Ibbotson's June 21 false accusation: She contacted police at 11 p. m. and reported that she had been approached from behind and dragged near a fence at about 9:30 p. m. She alleged her underpants were taken down and she was sexually assaulted.  She was examined in hospital. Police established a crime scene in the area where she said she'd been raped by a black man 6'3" or 6'4" inches tall, with a moustache and goatee. Police canvassed people in the area.  Investigators grew suspicious due to "discrepancies" in her statements to police.  When challenged to explain these differences, Ibbotson admitted she'd lied about being raped.

Ibbotson's July 24 false accusation:  At 12:24 a. m., Ibbotson again reported to police she'd been raped by a man of similar description as the first false accusation. She said she'd been dragged from a catwalk and was sexually assaulted, and then escaped.  Police established another crime scene, searched for forensic evidence, and sent Ibbotson to the hospital for an examination. She declined to go, however, saying she was tired.  But police interviewed a white 16-year-old male who said he and Ibbotson had been together all evening and had sex just off the catwalk prior to her going home that night. 

You read that right. He was 16 years old.  (I am not aware of any statutory rape charges against Ibbotson for this act.)

Black man beaten and stabbed:  A 42-year-old black man in the vicinity was near-fatally beaten and stabbed after being wrongly accused of rape on July 29.  A Crown prosecutor took pains not to blame Ibbotson for the stabbing, which he alleged was fueled by mistaken accusations that the victim had raped someone. The Crown prosecutor blamed the local "rumour mill," and said there was no evidence that the rape allegations made against the victim of the stabbing referred to Ibbotson's rape claims.

It bears noting that the black man had been falsely accused of rape by an unknown female (the news accounts don't say it was Ibottson). Later that day late in July (which was five days after Ibbotson's second false rape claim), the man was approached by a 17-year-old girl who had been drinking. She hit him and used racial slurs against him while he called police on his cellphone.  This assault led to the man's beating and stabbing by four young men, three of whom were 19-years-old and one was 23.   The beaten man was rushed to hospital in a cab and underwent emergency surgery. He had been stabbed at least once in the chest.  The young men were all jailed (at least one was given a custodial sentence) while the young woman -- who had started the assault -- was released and given two years probation.  The police investigated whether the young men were motivated in part by racism. "Police say they believe the female’s actions were not racially motivated."

Sentencing: On July 29, Ibbotson was charged with two counts of mischief for misleading police. Justice Julia Morneau accepted her guilty plea. Ibbotson received a suspended sentence and 18 months probation after serving 58 days in jail.  Justice Morneau considered the young woman's difficult past as presented by defence lawyer Jill Gamble. Gamble said Ibbotson has endured sexual abuse and suffers from addiction and "significant physical ailments."

Assistant Crown attorney Peter Leger joined the defence in recommending the sentence.  Leger said of Ibbotson's false accusations of rape, "perhaps it's understandable" given her background.

Man who served 13 years in prison for rape he didn't commit pardoned posthumously

Somewhere, Tim Cole must be smiling to see the word "rapist" in quotation marks in the following headline. Too bad the pardon came 24 years too late, after he'd already served 13 years in prison and died there.

Texas 'rapist' granted state's first posthumous pardon

The governor of the US state of Texas, Rick Perry, has posthumously pardoned a man who had died in jail after being wrongly convicted of rape.

It is the first time Texas has issued a posthumous pardon.

In 1986, Tim Cole was sentenced for the rape of a student. He always maintained he was innocent, right up to his death.

He had spent 13 years in prison when he died of an asthma attack in 1999. His innocence was proved by DNA tests nearly 10 years later.

Mr Cole spurned an offer of early parole as it would have meant accepting guilt.

Years after his death, his family demanded DNA tests after they received a letter from a convicted rapist confessing to the crime.

It transpired the man had confessed earlier. He had sent letters to court officials four years before Mr Cole died - but the admission was never followed up.

Mr Perry said he hoped it would give Mr Cole's family a measure of peace.

Mr Cole's mother told the BBC she was ecstatic on hearing the news - as her son had always wanted to be exonerated.

He had written in a letter that he always believed in the justice system, even if the justice system had not believed in him.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NFL unhappy with accusations against Roethlisberger

We often point out the extreme and irremediable reputational harm often visited on those falsely accused of rape and sexual assault.  The fact of the matter is, reputational harm from a false rape claim often bleeds over onto the falsely accused man's employer, and such employers typically don't tolerate that.

The New York Times reports that two time Super Bowl quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is in trouble with the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. 

Let's recap for those who haven't followed this closely.  Mr. Roethlisberger was sued civilly last year by a woman who claims he raped her. Recently, he was accused by a 20-year-old of sexually assaulting her, and that case is under investigation.

Mr. Goodell could have used the Roethlisberger incident as an occasion to keep his mouth shut until the investigation is concluded, and thereby affirm one of our nation's most cherished principles -- innocent until proven guilty -- but instead chose to make a comment that squarely placed the blame on someone who might just be a victim. Mr. Goodell, the Times reports, "made clear Monday that he was unhappy with the conduct of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who is under police investigation for an alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old college student in a Georgia bar."

What "conduct" was that, Mr. Goodell?  Being accused by a 20-year-old woman, about whom no one knows anything?  Being under investigation?  What exactly did Mr. Roethlisberger do that was illegal?  What exactly did Mr. Roethlisberger do that was wrong?

Goodell continues: “We take the issue very seriously. We are concerned Ben continues to put himself in this position.”

What "position" was that, Mr. Goodell?  Seriously?

Middle-aged couple falsely accuses 18-year-old of rape, causes him to be jailed for ten days

A husband and wife are arrested for a false rape claim that jailed an 18-year-old man for ten days.  It is not clear what the husband did, but he was deemed equally responsible.

False rape claim couple jailed

A HUSBAND and wife have been jailed for nine months for making a false rape allegation in Maldon.

Mark Noble, 45, and wife Elaine, 43, of Mundon Road, Maldon, were charged with perverting the course of justice after she claimed she had been raped in the town on October 17 last year.

An 18-year-old man from the town was arrested but was released without any charge 10 days later.

Mark and Elaine Noble, who were arrested on November 13 and subsequently charged, were jailed yesterday at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Investigating officer, Dc Alison Cotter said: “These two people have carried out a gross disservice to every genuine victim of a sexual offence. An innocent suspect was arrested and had to go through the ordeal of being held in custody and undergoing a medical examination that is intrusive and personal.”


Monday, March 22, 2010

More Chicken Little fear-mongering that insists rape is rampant on campus

If you're a newspaper reporter in need of something to fill space and attract female readership at the same time, just head off to your local college and do a piece about how scary it is for the co-eds to live among so many penis-bearing predators. The experts, after all, insist it's scary, so it must be true. 

Take a step back. Why do we have a false rape epidemic?  As regular readers know, and are likely tired of hearing, over the past thirty years, we've seen an avalanche of rape reforms that have empowered women and girls to bring their rapists to justice based on nothing more than their say sos, but we never bothered to consider what we should do when they abuse that power.  And they have abused that power, visiting untold harm on countless wrongly accused men and boys, and even some women.

But there's another sinister and related trend that is so wide-spread that it may be the most toxic and destructive of all.  For the past 30 years or more, we have been subjected to the mind-numbing tom-tom of the vile feminist slander of the entire male gender.  Among their most despicable prevarications are that our college campuses are cisterns of male predatory sexual misconduct, and the related falsehood, that underreporting of rape, especially on campus, is of Biblical proportions.

Can anyone doubt that the gender-divisive purveyors of lock-the-doors-and-hide-the-daughters rape hysteria systematically foment irrational fears and encourage women to see sexual predation oozing from every male zipper? Or that false rape claims thrive in a culture that actively encourages young women to manufacture rape out of whole cloth by transmogrifying garden variety consensual intercourse into sexual assault?

We have often explained how the myth of male predatory sexual behavior is the engine that drives the culture of rape hysteria, and that false rape claims are its noxious emissions.  Well, here's yet another example of feminist fear-mongering.  A modern-day Chicken Little piece that foments hysteria about rape for women already overly wary of men.
It is yet another features piece intended to scare women about the alleged prevalence of rape on campus.
What is striking about the piece is the near-unanimity of the young women interviewed -- mostly sorority sisters -- who exclaim, without equivocation, that they feel perfectly safe on campus, and that they have never even heard of, much less experienced, the much ballyhooed male predatory misconduct.  This, despite the experts' insistence that such misconduct is rampant and that any belief that women are safe on campus is misplaced.
One would think that if the experts were even remotely correct -- even in-the-same-galaxy-correct -- each of those women would have at least heard of multiple instances of such misconduct, and some would have experienced it first-hand.  If, for example, one out of every four women on campus experienced a robbery or a burglary during their college years, aside from the fact that their parents would not allow them to attend college because it would be just too dangerous, every single person on campus not only would be conversant with the problem, but much of their lives would be geared around keeping them from being victimized by such crimes.
The fact that we don't see this even with all the fear-mongering about rape tells us what?  The question scarcely survives its statement.  The fact is, rape is not rampant on campus, or anywhere else in the United States, except prisons where males are the victims. Prison rape is treated not as what it is -- one of this nation's great shames -- but as a punch line. 
The politicized numbers suggesting rape is rampant on campus insult our intelligence and slander an entire gender.  Neither the one-in-four number nor the campus stats stating how many "sexual assaults" occurred on campus take into account the significant number of rape claims that are false.  But it goes beyond that.  As we've shown time and time again, we know for a fact a certain percentage of claims are false; we also are reasonably certain that a certain smaller percentage of rape claims were actual rapes. Nobody -- not me, not the feminists -- not anybody, knows whether the remainder of rape claims in that vast, gray middle ground were actual rapes, good faith errors on the part of the accuser, or false claims.  Sorry, but rape claims don't lend themselves to that kind of certainty. Yet, the feminist dogma that concocts these outrageous numbers showing rape is rampant insists that any rape claim that wasn't demonstrably false must have been an actual rape. 
Then, for good measure, they tack on an exorbitant number of "rapes" that supposedly were never reported.  But if the claims were never reported, much less adjudicated, and if we have precisely zero information about them, much less the alleged rapists' side of the story, how on earth can we say they were actual rapes?  We can't.  But, you see, it's the height of political incorrectness to challenge one of rape mantras.
The young women interviewed in the referenced story echo the conclusion Heather MacDonald reached in her landmark Campus Rape Myth piece, where she concluded that the one group on campus that doesn't buy the rape hysteria is the students, especially the young women.  MacDonald noted: "If the one-in-four statistic is correct—it is sometimes modified to 'one-in-five to one-in-four'—campus rape represents a crime wave of unprecedented proportions. No crime, much less one as serious as rape, has a victimization rate remotely approaching 20 or 25 percent, even over many years. The 2006 violent crime rate in Detroit, one of the most violent cities in America, was 2,400 murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults per 100,000 inhabitants—a rate of 2.4 percent. The one-in-four statistic would mean that every year, millions of young women graduate who have suffered the most terrifying assault, short of murder, that a woman can experience. Such a crime wave would require nothing less than a state of emergency—Take Back the Night rallies and 24-hour hotlines would hardly be adequate to counter this tsunami of sexual violence. Admissions policies letting in tens of thousands of vicious criminals would require a complete revision, perhaps banning boys entirely. The nation’s nearly 10 million female undergrads would need to take the most stringent safety precautions. Certainly, they would have to alter their sexual behavior radically to avoid falling prey to the rape epidemic."
Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers previously plowed much of the same ground to great effect. She exposed the hysteria for what it is: gender-divisive, politicized advocacy that seeks to pit women against men.
But make no mistake: all this fear mongering does help one group -- the women who are predisposed to tell rape lies, or who have sudden need for a phony rape excuse.  That group uses, exploits, and taps into the rape culture because, when most people hear the lie, they immediately think of all the talk about rape being rampant to which they've been subjected for decades, and they assume the lie must be true because it mirrors everything they've been taught.
And the so-called experts persist in their exaggerations and outright lies.  Why?  Because it fits their preferred metanarrative, and because rape has come to stand for something bigger than a mere crime.  It has come to symbolize the alleged oppression of women in general.  
I will give you a cinematic analogy I've used before.  Near end of the great, elegiac lament to the passing of the old west, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," beloved U.S. Senator Ransom Stoddard, played by Jimmy Stewart, returns to his home town out west and confesses to the town's newspaper editor that his legendary reputation, his entire career, was based on a lie. Up until then, everyone believed that in his youth, Stoddard had shot and killed the notorious villain Liberty Valance (played by Lee Marvin). Now, at long last, Stoddard is coming clean, telling the world that Valance was really shot by a tough-as-nails rancher, played by the iconic John Wayne.
The newspaper editor, having heard the entire story and believing every word of it, is not interested in publishing any of it.
"You're not going to use the story, Mr. Scott?" Stoddard asks incredulously.
The editor famously replies: "No, sir. This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."
And so it goes here: this is the Matriarchy, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.  And that's exactly what they do.

Penn State 'victim' lied about rape

So glad there wasn't a real crime in connection with this false rape claim.  Whew. What a relief.

University Police: Alleged rape on campus did not happen

University Park, Pa. -- Penn State University Police report that a recent victim's account of an alleged rape on the north side of the Lubert Building turned out to be false. After a thorough investigation and further interviews with the victim, University Police determined that the March 1 incident did not occur.

"Our preliminary investigation turned up no evidence that a crime had occurred. As the investigation progressed, the victim admitted to investigators that the incident did not happen as it was initially described," said Steve Shelow, Director of University Police. "Sexual assaults and rapes committed by strangers are unusual occurrences in our community and we can all take comfort in the fact that this particular incident did not take place."

After learning of the alleged incident on March 1, the University immediately sent out an advisory to the community, asking for help in solving the reported crime and urging community members to use caution.

"Our primary focus is always on the safety of our community members,” Shelow said. "While the details of this incident differ from those originally reported, this does not diminish the seriousness of the crime of rape. Sexual assault and rape affects the safety and trust of all of our community members and Penn State is committed to responding quickly and effectively to all reports of this type."


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feminist's view of how rape is treated on campus is akin to holding the facts up to a funhouse mirror

To combat rape on campus, schools should stop keeping it quiet

"Correction to This Article [this appears in the Washington Post] This article about how colleges deal with campus sexual assault cases mischaracterized the policy at Bucknell University. The school does not use mediation to adjudicate such cases; rather, mediation is an option made available by Bucknell to victims of sexual assault in addition to a campus judicial proceeding. The article also said that, in reaction to a Center for Public Integrity report on colleges and their policies, Bucknell is considering abandoning mediation. It is not."

By Jaclyn Friedman
Sunday, March 14, 2010

In 1992, at about this time of year, a boy I knew sexually assaulted me. We were undergraduates at Wesleyan University. He was a member of a sports team, and I was one of the team's managers. Away at a tournament one night, the team decided to party in the captains' hotel room, and I decided to prove I was "one of the guys" by trying to match them drink for drink. When I failed, I stumbled back to my room and crawled into bed to pass out. That's when I discovered he'd followed me there.

[FRS COMMENT: We treat anyone who claims she or he has been raped with dignity and respect. But that doesn't mean we assume they are telling the truth. Because if we take them at their word, then we must assume the person they've accused of rape is, in fact, a rapist. When a woman goes public with her rape allegation, and when she also happens to be a rape advocate, we have a duty to point out that her accusation is just that -- an accusation. Take the above paragraph: is there any proof that this assault occurred aside from her assertion that it did? Has the "boy" (an undergraduate, so I am assuming he was at least 18 and had already registered for selective service) ever furnished a statement as to what occurred that we can review? All we have in this paragraph is the woman's conclusory statement that she was "sexually assaulted." There is no recitation of what the "boy" reasonably believed, or about what her outward conduct manifested to the "boy." All we know is that the "boy" followed her back to her room. Is his following her back to her room indicative of a crime? Is the fact that she had too much to drink dispositive? Is she insisting that she could find your way back to her room but that, by necessity, she was incapable of consenting to sex? Seriously?]

Friday, March 19, 2010

Woman Tells Police Sexual Assault Did Not Happen

A woman who reported a sexual assault to Derry Township police last week has told officers that the attack did not happen.

On Monday, the 22-year-old woman told police that the incident at Briarcrest Garden apartments that she reported on Feb. 18 did not happen.An injury the woman suffered was self-inflicted, police said.

The woman is facing charges of unsworn falsification and false reports to law enforcement.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horrendous news of innocent man beaten, sodomized over lover's rape lie

What can I possibly say about the following news story -- a story that details a terrible assault on an innocent man, all because his lover was mad at him?  To say that these facts are "shocking" trivializes them.  This -- this, ladies and gentlemen -- is the price of a false rape claim.  As you read the story, please think about these words, over and over:  "But the pair [who beat the innocent man] believed Williams [the false rape accuser] . . . ."  Of course they did.  After being told over and over and over that women don't lie about rape, and that false rape claims are a myth . . . of course they did.  Now imagine if the pair knew what regular readers of this site know . . . .


Cops: Woman's lie about rape led to lover's beating, sodomy

Renada Williams told her alleged cohorts in crime that her lover had raped her and that she had come up with a horrific plan of revenge, which left one police veteran cold.

"This type of crime shocks your consciousness," said Capt. Jack McGinnis, of Northeast Detectives. "I've been doing this for 38 years and this is really bad. How can people treat each other like this, and how do you bring a 16-year-old into this?"

While Williams stood by in her Frankford home, her acquaintances, Shawn Aiken and the teen, allegedly beat her 29-year-old lover with their hands, a 4-by-4-foot wood plank, extension cords and a mop.

The perpetrators allegedly yelled at their victim, "You raped her!" He responded, "I didn't do that, I didn't do that."

But the pair believed Williams, and continued to punch the victim, McGinnis said.

The victim was then "violated with the mop stick repeatedly over time," undergoing nearly 24 hours of torture, according to the victim and police.

Williams, of Church Street near Penn, and the 16-year-old, of Granite Street near Torresdale Avenue, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault, robbery and related crimes, McGinnis said.

Police have a warrant out for Aiken, 20, of Moyamensing Avenue near Moore Street. Authorities ask anyone who knows of his whereabouts to call Northeast Detectives at 215-686-3153.

McGinnis said that police still don't know why Williams came up with the plan. She gave a rape motive to acquaintances, Aiken and the teen, but never told any friend that she had been raped, he said. She did not report it to Philadelphia police, he said.

The victim told police that he never raped her, but that the two had argued the week before.

Williams told a few friends that the man had threatened to lay hands on her, McGinnis said, but the victim denied this as well.

"She was apparently really mad at him," McGinnis said.

About 10 p.m. Sunday, Williams called her sex partner of six months to her Frankford home and enticed him with sex, McGinnis said. While they were having sex, she excused herself to let in the two males, McGinnis said.

Aiken and the teen rushed in and apparently began to beat up the Northeast man with their bare hands, but it escalated from there.

At some point the males tied the man to a sofa with extension cords and began to strike him with the wood plank, electric cords and a mop, the captain said.

Their purported deeds grew more atrocious. The thrashing from the wood plank left the victim with open wounds, McGinnis said. Aiken and the teen then poured Clorox bleach and ammonia over the man, causing stinging sores.

Then the duo took Pine-Sol floor cleaner to lubricate the mop and sodomize the victim "several times" over the time he was held by the trio, McGinnis said.

The ordeal ended only when Williams' roommate, who owns the house and rents to her, arrived at 8:40 p.m. Monday and interrupted the alleged criminal activity, he said.

The roommate tried to call 9-1-1, but Williams and her pals tried to prevent her, McGinnis said. The woman escorted the naked, disoriented victim outside the house where he fell to the ground. A few minutes later police arrived and took him to Aria Health - Frankford campus.

Detectives didn't immediately ascertain the extent of his injuries or the nature of the crimes because doctors had to treat the victim, McGinnis said. It was sometime during the night that they learned how serious the victim was injured.

Police had wanted to take the man to Episcopal Hospital where many rape victims go, but doctors felt that it was unsafe for him to be taken anywhere, McGinnis said.


OT: Sexism in the Olympics

Two letters to the editor to an Ontario newspaper that put athletic "equality" in perspective:

Officials: Woman Lies About Fire, Rape

Investigators said a Louisville woman set her house on fire while her son and husband were inside.

Authorities also said Leslie Stricklan claimed she was raped and assaulted days earlier.

Major Henry Ott, who heads the Metro Arson Squad, said his investigation uncovered what may have been the bizarre motive behind the alleged crimes that lead to this housewife's arrest this week.

"She claimed she had been raped by an unknown assailant," Ott said. "She provided a physical description to LMPD and they were conducting an investigation.

"A day later, Stricklan filed another report.

"She was getting out the bathroom, out of her shower and someone assaulted her, hit a vase over her head and then ran," Ott said.

Then on Friday, Dec. 18, Ott was called to Stricklan's home after a fire started inside a bathroom.Matches found at the scene led him to believe the fire was no accident.

A phone call from Stricklan's attorney confirmed his hunch, and shed light on the rape and assault claims.

"She presented herself with her attorney and admitted that she had set the fire and that the rape allegation was false, and the assault accusation was false," Ott said.

When Stricklan failed to turn herself in, a warrant was issued for her arrest. It said Stricklan admitted setting fire to her home while her son was in the basement asleep, and her husband was in another room.

"He was under the same assumption that his wife had been raped, she had been assaulted, and now someone had come set her house on fire," Ott said.

The arrest warrant also said Stricklan was "upset at the attention her husband was paying to her when she set the house on fire."

"It was to get attention from her husband is what she explained to us," Ott said.

If convicted on the arson charge, Stricklan faces a punishment of 20 to life.

Meanwhile, a detective with the sex crimes unit says two warrants have been issued for Stricklan's arrest for charges of filing two false reports.

She's in jail on a $10,000 bond for the arson charge.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three different false rape claims -- oops! MAKE THAT FOUR false rape claims -- by spring breakers

UPDATED 5:00 pm Eastern Time March 17, 2010: Below are three stories reported out of Florida today about two spring breakers who freely throw the "r" word around when they don't get their way, without the slightest regard for the utter and complete destruction that word can have on innocent lives.  We have reached the point where false rape claims have become the crime of choice among young women, and false accusers need to be treated not as girls who had too much to drink but as vicious criminals akin to the worst rapists.

One of the women noted in the stories is said to have falsely accused three men of rape in unrelated incidents on the same night -- a bouncer, a police officer, and a jail officer.  (Serious question: if she ever really is raped, who on earth would believer her?)  The second woman is also said to have falsely accused a police officer.  We are fast approaching the point where male police officers will always need a witness, preferably a female, or a video, when arresting a young woman. 

The news stories are below, and go here to watch a TV news report:

STORY ONE: Spring Breakers Falsely Accuse Cops Of Rape

A couple of spring breakers are being accused of filing false reports of sex crimes committed by law enforcement officers.

The first happened early Monday morning at a Front Beach Road condominium. A Bay County sheriff's deputy, working off-duty security, reports that he was trying to settle a dispute between 22-year-old Kimberly Anna Mills of McDonugh, Georgia, and her roommate 22-year-old Cynthia Nicole Crumbley.

Crumbley claims Mills blamed her for getting thrown-out of a Thomas Drive nightclub earlier in the evening for being drunk and disorderly, and locked Crumbley out of their room. When Mills allegedly became confrontational with the deputy, he arrested her. As he was taking her to a patrol car, Mills started yelling "rape".

Crumbley backed-up the deputy, saying Mills accused the nightclub's bouncer of raping her when he had to physically remove her from the business.

The second incident happened around 4:45 Monday afternoon, at a different Thomas Drive club. Authorities say 19-year-old Megan Judith Wheeler of Allen, Texas had passed-out drunk in a bathroom stall.

When club staff tried to escort her out, they say Wheeler became physically and verbally abusive.

Beach police arrested wheeler for disorderly conduct.

Once Wheeler reached the Bay County Jail, she claimed the Beach police officer who arrested her had raped her in the back of the patrol car.

Investigators checked out the claims and say Wheeler was never alone with the officer, she kept changing her story and refused to submit to a rape test examination.

Both women were charged with disorderly conduct and filing a false report of rape against a law enforcement officer.

Link to story and video here:

STORY TWO: Police, deputies charge women with filing false reports

PANAMA CITY BEACH — A woman who accused a sheriff's deputy, a jail officer and a club security guard of rape has been charged with filing a false crime report in addition to disorderly conduct.

Kimberly Mills, 22, of McDonough, Ga., was taken to the Bay County Jail early Monday after a sheriff's deputy said she locked a friend out of their hotel room, fought with her and resisted when he tried to intervene.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct but resisted on the way to a patrol car, according to an incident report, eventually accusing the deputy of raping her.

She later made the same accusation toward an officer at the Bay County Jail, where staff said she remained Wednesday on $5,000 bond for the felony charge. She also had $250 bond for the disorderly.

Panama City Beach police also charged a woman with disorderly conduct and filing a false rape report this week. They said 19-year-old Megan Wheeler reached the Bay County Jail and claimed an officer raped her in the back of his patrol car.


STORY THREE: Woman arrested, loudly accuses 3 of rape

PANAMA CITY BEACH — A woman arrested for disorderly intoxication early Monday accused a security guard, a sheriff's deputy and a detention officer of raping her, according to a Bay County Sheriff's Office report.

The 22-year-old Georgia woman, staying at Beachbreak by the Sea on Front Beach Road, was booked into the Bay County Jail after she was kicked out of Sharky's Beach Club.

A deputy was working off-duty security at Beachbreak when an upset woman came to the night manager. She was locked out of a room.

Inside the room was her friend, who was carried out of Sharky's after an earlier disturbance. That woman was angry about what happened and wouldn't let her roommate in the room, according to the report.

The deputy went to the room to see if he could diffuse the dispute, but it escalated to yelling and shoving, he wrote.

He eventually arrested the 22-year-old on the disorderly charge, handcuffing her and leading her to the patrol car. On the way, she "kept trying to turn and look at me" and then "yelled that her breasts were exposed and asked me to pull her bra up," the deputy wrote.

"I told (her) I would not pull her bra up," he added.

As he put her in the back seat, "she yelled out, 'You raped me,'" although she later recanted, according to the report.

Her roommate said she wasn't surprised, because earlier the woman had accused the Sharky's guard of rape.

Just before the deputy took the woman to jail, she yelled out that she was going to "shank" her roommate and kill her, the deputy wrote.

After she arrived at the jail, he added, she claimed one of two male security guards who escorted her also raped her.


Girl's rape lie called "erroneous" by police

In the story below, a police officer said the girl's story was "erroneous." 

Sorry, sir, an "error" is when I forget to set the alarm or forget to stop at the ATM on my way home.

Get it straight, sir: she lied. And it was a serious lie.  Also, why is the newspapers still looking for witnesses to prove something that was a lie?

Police: Girl's story of attempted South Reno rape is "erroneous"

Upon further investigation into a teen girl’s claim she was sexually attacked Monday near Western Skies Drive, police said today the accusations are false.

Sgt. Gerald Rhodes, of the Reno police child abuse and sex crimes unit, said the public should be assured they are no longer looking for a stranger who is attacking females in South Reno.

He said detectives discovered the 14-year-old girl’s claim that a “dirty” man in his 40s pushed her to the ground and groped her was “erroneous.”

Rhodes declined to give further details into the case, and said the investigation is on-going.

The incident was reported around 4 p.m. in a dirt area near the end of Western Skies Drive. The girl said after the alleged attack, she ran to a friend’s house and called police.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call detectives at 334-2115 or Secret Witness at 322-4900.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Textbook case of everything wrong with the way we treat the presumed innocent in rape cases

The following news story is a text book case of what is wrong with the way we treat the presumed innocent in rape cases.  It underscores how easy it is to destroy a man's life with a rape lie, without penalty.  (The story is reported here.)  It highlights the three critical areas that need to be fixed. Please follow along; there are some points that need to be highlighted.

Local woman accused of filing false rape report

To cover up her affair, she cries rape. Once again we see a false claim used to cover up for bad behavior.

Police: Suspect was trying to cover affair
Murphy – A Cherokee County woman has been charged with making a false report to a law enforcement agency after claiming she was kidnapped and raped.

The Murphy Police Department was contacted about 3:30 a.m. Feb. 8 by Marissa Ann Lovingood, 34, who reported that she was kidnapped at the intersection of Andrews and Pleasant Valley roads near the Hampton Inn between 11:30 p.m. and midnight Feb. 7, Murphy Police Chief Justin Jacobs said.

Lovingood told police two masked gunmen wearing black clothing got into her vehicle while it was stopped, held a gun to the back of her head and told her not to scream, Jacobs said. The gunmen then made her drive to a location near a business and raped her, but Lovingood told police she never saw their faces.
“After questioning Mrs. Lovingood multiple times, her story kept changing,” Jacobs said.

“At one time she advised that she never stopped for the stop sign at the listed intersection and that two teenage males came running up beside her vehicle and got in. One of the teenage males then held a silver handgun to the back of her head and drove to a location near Heritage Propane. Multiple law enforcement officers from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, Victim’s Advocate and Murphy Police Department tried to locate the males as well as the location of the rape but were unable to.”

Jacobs said during the investigation and after speaking with several family members, Lovingood said she made up the story to keep her husband from learning about an affair she was having with a man from Graham County and explain why she was late getting home.

Lovingood went to the Murphy Police Department on Feb. 9 and gave a voluntary statement regarding her false report. She was arrested and released under a $2,000 secured bond.

“Given the unfortunate circumstances regarding the abduction of Kristi Cornwell last year, we take incidents like this very seriously and without delay,” Jacobs said. “Due to her false report, many manpower hours were lost investigating an incident that the [woman] knew was untrue.”


Monday, March 15, 2010

Anyone from Feministing care to defend this? Bring it on!

A reader on another thread linked to the following hate screed from Feministing community concerning the case about Biurny Peguero.  You remember, she's the New York woman whose lie sent an innocent man to prison, not for a few days or weeks -- for four years -- where, he revealed, he was subjected to those prison atrocities reserved for rapists.

A writer named "Sophia" declares that she doesn't understand all the media attention for this "mundane perjury story."

You read that right.  "Mundane perjury story." 

Ladies and gentlemen, feminists have applauded convicting a teenage boy of a felony when, after engaging in consensual sex, he delayed withdrawing for five to ten seconds after the older girl with whom he was having sex told him to withdraw.  Kindly compare that five to ten second ordeal with one that lasted four years.  Ms. Peguero, you see, could have released her victim from his false rape hell at any time, and instead of waiting five to ten seconds, she waited several years until a priest convinced her to do so.

Five to ten seconds warrants a felony conviction.  Four years is a "mundane perjury story."

What does Sophia think is left of the innocent man's life right now?  Does she even care?  If she cared to think about him as a human being for even a nanosecond, would she be sufficiently dishonest with herself to think he will ever be right after that?

Sophia then makes this astounding leap in "logic" that you will need to read several times even to assure yourself you've not missed anything: "The message ingrained in this one headline, . . . is that women will make up being raped or physically assaulted by men. Women are meant to be recipients of a male's sexual appetites and when she rebukes this role, innocent men go to prison."

Come again?  From what despicable, disgusting corner of Sophia's ass did that come from?  This underscores what we've known all along: women like Sophia would do well to ditch the Womyn's Studies classes and invest in a few logic courses instead.  Read her statement again, and try to follow the twisted, misandric rationale:  false claims are really nothing more than women rebuking men's sexual desires.

Once more, you see, as is always the case, "men" as a class are the problem, not criminals, not even someone like Biurny Peguero, whose lie destroyed another life.  I know nothing about Sophia aside from the post I excerpt below, but based on this it seems clear that Sophia can't concern herself with Ms. Peguero's lie because, hey, it was just a loathsome male she destroyed. There is no other rationale for this bizarre, hateful, girlish diatribe. 

Let's cut the shit: if a woman were subjected to four years of the kind of atrocities this innocent man suffered, it would be the biggest story on the planet. A man is subjected to such atrocities and, to this writer, it's just a "mundane perjury story."

Sophia ends, like all self-righteous persons who contort truth, logic, and morality beyond all recognition: "I'm disgusted."

No, Sophia.  We're disgusted. You're disgusting


Why is this front page news? By all accounts, she deserves no more mainstream retribution and criticism than any other person who commits an act of perjury or falsely reports a crime. It is not readily apparent to me why this woman's particular story was featured on the front page of a high-traffic , mainstream, online media outlet. After digging through the related news stories spanning many years, I still can't recognize why her story is national-media attention worthy?

And this is where my mind starts in.

The message ingrained in this one headline, regardless of the content and context of the article, is that women will make up being raped or physically assaulted by men. Women are meant to be recipients of a male's sexual appetites and when she rebukes this role, innocent men go to prison.

Reading the words "fake" , "rape" and "victim" strung together carelessly, in effect sensationalizing an otherwise mundane perjury case, conveys a sense of illegitimacy and unimportance. The title of this story simultaneously portrays the story of this woman as a slight against all innocent men, perpetuates the sociological theme of the wanton Jezebel and contends that rape and its victims are no real problems in our society.

I am disgusted.

Major news: The Stern Review calls for "independent" research on the frequency of false rape claims and for possible anonymity for the presumed innocent accused of rape

That's an excerpt from the Stern Review, which was released today.  It contains a very interesting discussion about the frequency of false rape claims. We'll have much to say on this in the weeks ahead, but the Review calls for an independent study into the frequency of false rape claims, given the intense controversy surrounding this issue, and an examination into the propriety of granting anonymity to men accused of rape. 

As for the "independent" research into false rape claims: by "independent," we assume that persons who have a vested or financial interest in rape claims, including sexual assault counselors, should be excluded since their livelihood depends on the notion that rape is a frequent and serious problem. In addition, persons who previously publicly opined with certainty on the frequency of false rape claims, or the that rape is rampant, should also be excluded, since is a natural tendency to reach conclusions that don't undermine one's previous scholarship.  By "independent," we assume the Review means persons who come to the issue without preconceived notions or political or ideological agendas. 

As to the freqnency of false rape claims, the Review off-handedly, and for reasons that aren't clear, cites some anecdotal evidence that false claims are not at all common, but it prudently concludes that we just don't know how common false rape claims are.  It is for this reason it is calling for a fresh look at the issue. 

The Review commendably cites the damage a false rape claim can do, and although it takes no position on anonymity for the presumed innocent accused of rape, it seems somewhat sympathetic to the idea.

One of the points we truly need to emphasize to all those interested in the Stern Review and any follow-up is the following, which is of vital importance: it is one thing to say that we "know" 8 to 10 percent of all rape claims are false; it is quite another, and grossly incorrect, to assert that "only" 8 to 10 percent of all rape claims are false.  Why are semantics so important here?  Because we cannot, and never will be able to, say with any degree of certainty how many rape claims were actual rapes, so it is dishonest in the exreme to say that "only" 8 to 10 percent are false since that characterization suggests that we DO know that all of the rest of the rape claims -- 90 to 92 percent of all rape claims -- were actual rapes.  That latter proposition would be a lie.  Even if we only "know" that 8 to 10 percent are false, we may also only "know" that a similar relatively small percentage of the claims were actual rapes.  The prudent thing to do is to talk only about those claims we actually do know about, one way or the other -- those that were either false claims or actual rapes.  Bottom line: We must insist that the public discourse stop assuming that every rape claim was an actual rape unless we can prove with certainty that it was false.

The Stern Review makes innumerable other important points about rape, and we will have much more to say on it in the days ahead. 

Below is one newspaper's take on it.

Harriet Harman's 'unreliable statistics on rape scare off victims'

Harriet Harman was ordered to stop misleading the public about rape by an official inquiry report yesterday.

The Equalities Minister was accused of pumping out unreliable figures about the low number of rapists brought to justice, thus discouraging victims from reporting attacks.
The review by Baroness Stern appeared to put an end to years of claims by ministers that laws and criminal procedures for dealing with rape need radical reform because only six per cent of complaints end in a conviction.

The claim was even made by Miss Harman last September on the day she set up the Stern review.

But Lady Stern, a prison reform campaigner and human rights activist, called in her report for 'an end to the widespread use of misleading rape conviction data - in particular the six per cent conviction rate figure'.

The six per cent figure relates to reported cases. In fact, the conviction rate for those actually charged with rape is nearly two out of three, higher than comparable figures for other violent crime.

The report's view is doubly humiliating for Miss Harman because it was she who set up the review.

Instead of condemning low conviction rates and demanding legal reforms - as ministers have repeatedly done over the past six years - Lady Stern said there should be more help for victims and greater use of police intelligence to track down men who serially attack and rape strangers.

Her report said: 'The figure for convictions of those charged with rape as the term is normally used is actually 58 per cent.

'There is concern that the six per cent figure can make victims feel it is not worth reporting.'

Lady Stern added: 'The conviction rate has taken over the debate to the detriment of other important outcomes for victims.

'Prosecuting and convicting is of course important, but my view is that support and care for victims should be as high a priority.

'The obligations the state has to those who have suffered a violent crime, and a crime that strikes at the whole concept of human dignity and bodily integrity, are much wider than working for the conviction of a perpetrator.'

It was the second high-level slap on the wrist Labour's deputy leader has received within a year over use of statistics to further her favoured political causes.

Last summer the watchdog UK Statistics Authority accused Miss Harman of 'undermining public trust' by exaggerating the pay gap between men and women.

Baroness Stern's report criticised 'sharp failures' by police in the cases of John Worboys, a taxi driver who was convicted of 12 attacks on women and may have committed more than 100, and Kirk Reid, suspected of 71 offences.

It called for sharing of police intelligence across London boroughs and for forces to consider specialist rape units.

Lady Stern also said the Ministry of Justice should study numbers of false rape accusations. Because the alleged victim's anonymity is guaranteed by law, critics say false claims can be made with impunity.