Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogger says our blog brings 'all the assholes' together and invites his readers to 'flame us'

Sigh.  I received a note advising that a white knight has unfairly prejudged this blog, and that he's inviting his readers to "flame" us.  His name is supposed to be Bart Calendar. In a post called "Flame These Fuckers,"   he writes:

"It's like someone finally found a way to bring all the assholes on the Internet together in one place where they can all talk about how men are victims in society, women are generally asking for it and that most rape claims are false.

"Best of all - because they are a bunch of fucking cowards they allow anonymous commenting!

"Have fun!"

Where to begin with that?

First, we do allow anonymous commenting. It seems to be the accepted practice. We've been thinking of ditching comments altogether. In any event, comments, as we note in our Comments Policy, do not express the views of the owners of this blog.

Second, what on earth does Bart mean by "women are generally asking for it"?  Does Bart mean that we believe women are asking to be raped?  Is Bart insane?  I know full well that some people believe that, and that some of those people comment here, but it's not our position, it's not the position of any reasonable person, and it is unspeakably insulting to women who have been raped.  Bart, ya gotta come up with a better straw man next time, OK? A woman never "asks" to be raped -- by virtue of her dress, her level of intoxication, her speech, her "feminine wiles," or anything else. Now, that's not to say it is prudent for women to take unreasonable risks (just as it's not prudent for men to take unreasonable risks), or for the feminist community to encourage women to take imprudent risks.  That's a different issue. Even the stupidest woman who is raped after taking the stupidest chances does not "ask" to be raped.  And here's the most important part:  her stupidity does not in any manner lessen the criminality of her rapist. 

Get it, Bart?

Third, "most rape claims are false."  Sigh. I realize some people believe that. Just as some people believe that essentially no rape claims are false.  The reasonable folks just don't know.  On this point, I happen to agree with a leading feminist legal scholar who has acknowledged this irrefutable fact: ". . . the statistics on false rape accusation widely vary and 'as a scientific matter, the frequency of false rape complaints to police or other legal authorities remains unknown.'" A. Gruber, Rape, Feminism, and the War on Crime, 84 Wash. L. Rev. 581, 595-600 (November 2009) (citation omitted).  And see here.

Does that mean that false rape claims are unworthy of our attention?  Even though we don't know the number -- because the number really is unknowable -- we do know that false rape claims are a problem for a significant number of people. We agree that rape is certainly a problem that is worthy of everyone's attention, but false rape claims aren't?  Bart is offended because one blog, out of how many on the subject of rape, exists to shed light on the injustices to the falsely accused?  I mean, we shouldn't even speak about these things because, somehow -- what? -- we are aiding rapists?!  Sorry, the gaps, or more accurately, the chasms, in that "logic" are breathtaking. 

Does Bart care that, as a society, we permit the reputations of persons falsely accused of sex crimes to be destroyed by even baseless accusations of a lone accuser? Remember what happened to four innocent minority nobodys at Hofstra University last year?  You should read about it, Bart -- especially how the television news media did a high tech lynching of these young men just to titillate its viewers and snag better ratings: 

Morevoer, we, as a society, too often permit the presumptively innocent, who too often turn out to have been falsely accused, to be arrested and jailed on nothing more than far-fetched claims, with bail set sufficiently high to insure they won't be released before trial. And, yeah, this is especially a serious problem for young black and Hispanic men and boys. Why not wait until the investigation is completed before arresting?  That's all we're asking, Bart. Is that too much for you?  Seriously?

And we excuse false accusers with little or no punishment, inviting others to falsely accuse with impunity and without deterrent.  Professor Alan Dershowitz, one of the strongest voices on these issues, once said this: “Rape is such a serious crime that deliberately bringing a false accusation of rape should be an equally serious crime and women are not being punished for those crimes. I believe that being falsely accused of rape is as traumatic as being raped.”  But that's OK with you, too, eh, Bart? 


For the folks who don't bother reading beyond the first page of this blog, False Rape Society loathes and detests rapists, but our advocacy on behalf of the presumptively innocent has nothing to do with that.  Our goal isn't to help rapists beat the rap. When someone writes to us looking for help, if they describe what sounds like a rape, we want nothing to do with them.

Did you know, Bart, that rape victims tell us they support our work here because -- newsflash! -- they hate false accusers almost as much as their own rapists? Because they know that every false rape claim diminishes the integrity of rape victims?

If Bart thinks this blog is a cauldron of women-hating Neanderthals, he hasn't been around the Internet very much, now has he?  In fact, earlier this year, this blog was attacked by some in the so-called men's rights community because we had the audacity to state in the sub-heading of our blog (look up, Bart -- you'll actually see it if you bother to look) that women, too, are victims of false rape claims. How dare we!

I would never suggest that our readers flame Bart, but here is Bart's very coherent blog: