Thursday, December 23, 2010

Respectful comment ... isn't

Spoken by someone who has never had the horrible experience of being sexually assaulted. Do you know what it is like to say no and to be ignored? To me, nothing is as horrible as what I am going through right now and you are respectfully a total a-hole.

This comment was submitted to our post HERE. That post, which is central to our mission, seems to bring out the lunatic fringe more than any other we've ever written.

I do love when people try to sneak a comment in months after the post, when few people will see it or can respond to it, trying to get in a few cheap shots. In this case, I felt it deserved a response.

The presumption, that people posting comments here, or that Pierce or I, have never been sexually assaulted, is not only highly insulting, it’s bigoted. How exactly do you know that the person to whom your comment was directed (it isn’t clear), hasn’t been sexually assaulted? You do know what happens when you assume, don’t you?  Only in this case, it hasn’t done a thing to me; you, alone, bear the full brunt of your ignorance.

And yes, we do understand what it is like to say "no" and to be ignored.  We run stories here daily outlining cases where men/boys are falsely accused and said “No -- I didn’t do it,” and they were ignored, at best, with many going to jail for days/weeks/months and sometimes years at a time, for something they did not do, where they are likely to be raped (ah, the irony!), and at worst, are beaten and/or killed.  Many of our readers have been in that situation.  But I suppose in your world that, somehow, is less of a violation than a sexual assault. 

The principal point that you don’t seem to grasp is that, yes, to you, it is horrible. But no one here is as emotionally involved with your situation as you are, and we can look upon it with a dispassionate view. I would recommend you find some help, because coming to this site with a hateful rant is wholly inappropriate. Contrary to your “respectful” A-hole comment, kindly understand that this is a site devoted to the issue of false rape/sexual assault accusations. We are not a support group for you, nor do we care to be. There are enough services already for that.

We are here for the falsely accused, and those that care about them.

Thank you for stopping by. Respectfully.