Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'The lies she told were terrible, and she needs to be punished!' -- Cop assails woman's lie about . . . her dog being attacked

This following is a note from reader Mr. C:

"The lies she told were just terrible," said [Officer Christine] Luffey... "She needs to be punished for this."

The widely reported story evoked both fear in her neighborhood and sympathy from the region and both were misplaced, said Ms., Luffey.

Was Officer Luffey referring to a false rape claim?

No. Of course not. She was referring to...

...wait for it...

...the Pittsburgh woman who said that someone had cut her dog’s throat:

The lacerations on the dog’s throat were caused by a rubber band the woman had placed around the dog’s neck.

You’ve read many more of those false rape accounts than I, but I know for damned sure that I’ve never read one in which a police officer spoke that bluntly about a false rape. But false dog attack, well... throw the bitch in jail!