Thursday, December 23, 2010

Imagine if the modern press reported on the false rape claim lodged by Potiphar's wife against Joseph (Genesis 39)

Nile Valley Times, Jan. 15, 2030 B.C
Page one, above the fold:

He was a predator and she was his prey.

Joseph, 22, the eleventh son of Jacob, handsome in form and appearance, is in the Pharaoh's jail today after attempting to rape his master's wife, police say.

The Nile Valley Times does not reveal the identities of victims of sexual assault.

The victim, a 40-year-old socialite, was spared the brutal rape when she screamed, and Joseph fled the house naked, leaving his garment in her bed, police say.

The victim was extremely distraught, and immediately reported the attempted rape, police say.  Joseph was arrested, forced to undergo an invasive medical procedure, and is being held without bail.

Neighbors in the area were on edge. "Everyone is shaken that a thing like that can happen around here," said  Ankh-es-en-amon, a neighbor.  "All of the women are being told to not trust the men."

One out of four Egyptian women will experience a rape or attempted rape in their lifetimes, experts say.

Nile Valley Times, July 11, 2023 B.C.
Page 32


Joseph, 30, the eleventh son of Jacob, handsome in form and appearance, was released from Pharaoh's jail today after a hearing determined he had been falsely accused of rape.

The victim, who had been in an unhappy marriage due to her husband's unfaithfulness, accused Joseph as a way of getting her husband's attention.

"Her actions were an understandable cry for help," said Dr. Ardath Bey, Executive Director of Divine Wives Against Rape. Dr. Bey said the victim's actions were a direct result of her husband's unfaithfulness. "Pharaoh needs to examine the policy that allows male socialites to freely engage in sexual relations with slave girls and boys because it is causing much unhappiness for wives, such as the victim in this case.  That policy is an unfortunate manifestation of undeserved male privilege and rape culture, and it is what led to this understandable cry for help."

Dr. Bey counseled against a custodial sentence for the victim, noting that it would not advance Pharaoh's interests, and "the poor woman has suffered enough."

Imhotep, high priest of the Pharaoh's tribunal, said that false rape claims do incalculable harm to their primary victims, women, because it causes them to not report their rapes.

"We encourage women to come forward and report anything that even seems like a rape or attempted rape to them," said Imhotep. "False claims are overblown by the press. And besides, they are but a small price to pay to have women report."

Statistics show that one out of four Egyptian women are raped, and only two percent of all rape claims are false.

Joseph spent seven years in a cell exposed to the elements where, because he is handsome in form and appearance, he was raped repeatedly by other criminals and roughed up by the prison guards.  He has incurred attorney's fees in excess of 4,000 sacks of grain in connection with his efforts to prove he was falsely accused. If he is unable to repay his debt, he will be returned to prison. Joseph has no cause of action against the victim for the false claim because the statute of limitations long ago expired.

The victim apologized to all the women of Egypt for the harm her false claim has caused them.