Monday, December 20, 2010

Foreign student sex allegations false

Waikato Police investigating allegations in the media of the sexual assault of a foreign exchange student in the Coromandel have found the allegations to have no substance.

The claims were made in a Herald on Sunday article over the weekend. It said a female foreign exchange student, who was comatose at a party, was sexually assaulted by a boy while another boy filmed him.

At the time, Detective Sergeant Martyn Hughes said police had not received a complaint in relation to the incident and first became aware of it after the story.

Hughes said today the Thames-Coromandel CIB had carried out an investigation and no criminality had been identified.

"Our investigation has been able to progress positively thanks to the full cooperation of all parties involved and no further enquiries will be carried out."

He said people who believe they've been victims of crime, or who have information linked to what they believe is an offence, should contact the police in the first instance.