Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feminist: How dare writers who don't know the facts insist Assange is innocent! (Never mind when the same people assume a presumptively innocent man is guilty)

Ever notice that every feminist has had life experiences that have somehow completely eluded you and me?  For example, every feminist knows multiple women who've been raped -- raped, I tell you -- none of the victims reported it due to fears of . . . just make up something and I promise you it was one of the things they supposedly feared. And, no, I'm not ridiculing actual rape victims, I'm ridiculing feminists who expect us to buy that horse manure.

And, of course, every feminist is an authority on false rape claims.  For example, they often feel perfectly justified popping onto this blog to "educate" us, in a most self-righteous and sarcastic manner, about a subject we follow intensely and they don't.  We, of course, are biased and unworthy of belief, simply by virtue of the fact that we have the audacity to speak for a group of citizens normally treated as flotsam.

Well, they are coming out of the woodwork with hand-wringing and solemn pronouncements about the Assange rape claims.  One writer said this: "The next phase of the Wikileaks coverage has already begun. The fact that there is no public evidence one way or another about the rape case has led into a tiresome, pedestrian argument over the usual sexual battlegrounds. Soon, commentators will start on the prevalence of false rape accusations, and the feminist slant that is inherent in sexual assault charges. Stay tuned for a discussion on men’s rights, the inevitable backlash that ensues, and the inevitable backlash to the backlash, until Julian Assange sneaks away while we’re all yelling at each other." See here.

The Assange case is an aberration, a blip, an anomaly. A lot of the people who normally would gladly assume a man's guilt based on nothing more than a naked allegation by a woman happen to support this particular man's anti-U.S. politics, so in this rare instance, some of those people are supporting the accused.  Support for Assange has prompted a feminist backlash.

Comments by feminist Kate Harding, writing in Salon deserve special mention:

As of today, even Naomi Wolf -- Naomi Effin' Wolf! -- has taken a public swipe at Assange's accusers, using her status as a "longtime feminist" to underscore the absurdity of "the alleged victims ... using feminist-inspired rhetoric and law to assuage what appears to be personal injured feelings."

Wow. Admittedly, I don't have as much experience being a feminist as Wolf has, but when I see a swarm of people with exactly zero direct access to the facts of a rape case loudly insisting that the accusation has no merit, I usually start to wonder about their credibility. And their sources.

Tell us, Ms. Harding, how do you react when you see a swarm of people with exactly zero direct access to the facts about an alleged rape case -- a he said/she said case where the only evidence is her say so -- loudly insisting that the accusation has merit? 

How do you react then?  Does that bother you? Even a little?

Because that's what we almost always hear. That's how the news media and the feminist blogosphere treats virtually every allegation of rape, even the ones supported by no evidence beyond her say-so in a "he said/she said" dispute; even the many that turn out to be false. 

Tell me, girlfriend, do you "usually start to wonder about their credibility" in that case?

Somehow, I doubt it. Somehow I suspect you have precisely zero inclination to pound out an angry, sarcastic Internet piece about the innumerable rushes to judgment that crucify innocent men and boys with false rape allegations.

Can you say "Hofstra"? 

Funny, girlfriend, you've written a ton on that horrid Roman Polanski. How did you feel about Hofstra?

Doesn't interest you, does it?

Harding is a writer who uses the word "dude" a lot.  It's her shorthand put-down of all things male. And by the way, she believes that rape is rampant on college campuses.  See here.

Does that kind of make you doubt Kate Harding's credibility?  And her sources?

See, I get some very, very, angry and sarcastic emails and comments from people chastising me for attacking feminism.

The fact is, I do not attack feminism. I quote it.  That's all I need to do.