Friday, November 5, 2010

SOU sexual assault story changed

Ashland, Ore.--The victim of a reported sexual assault Friday morning on the SOU campus has changed important details of the crime.

The woman originally reported two unknown men attacked her outside near the admissions office. She now says the assault took place inside a dorm and the perpetrators were known.

Police say it is not uncommon to receive false information in such cases and the victim will not be charged for giving a false statement.

[FRS Comment] - Ok, if it is only reported, then she isn't a "victim" of anything at this point. She is just a complainant. By labeling her a "victim", then that presupposes that she was indeed sexually assaulted, and automatically presumes that someone is guilty of sexual assault. Considering that her story has now changed (and how many times do we see that in a false allegation?), calling this individual a "victim", is convicting someone without a trial.