Tuesday, November 30, 2010

McMinnville woman arrested for fabricating story of kidnapping, sexual assault

A Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a call Sunday in the 11000 block of Wheatland Road, where a woman summoned a resident and reported to have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a man earlier that evening.

The woman was transported to Providence Newberg Hospital, and the deputy contacted Newberg-Dundee Police, since the reported crime was to have taken place in Newberg.

She told police she had been kidnapped by a white male, described as approximately 6-foot-tall with a thin to medium build. She said he entered her vehicle when she was stopped for a red light, forced her into the passenger seat and pulled her sweater up over her head.

The woman said she could not tell where the man was taking her but that he was driving very fast. She said at some point the man stopped the vehicle and sexually assaulted her.

She then described screaming and trying to push the man away while scratching at his face. The man then stopped, and began driving again. As the man drove around a sharp corner, she said he lost control and crashed the car. The woman claimed to have gotten out of the vehicle, but said she had no idea where she was.

Using her cell phone she said she was able to call her parents and 911 before her battery died. She then got help from a resident along Wheatland Road.

During the investigation, officers discovered several discrepancies in the woman's story. She was re-interviewed today and admitted to fabricating the whole story. No motive was given.
Ashley Anne Deforrest, 22, of McMinnville, was arrested and cited into Yamhill County Circuit Court for initiating a false report.

A Marion County Deputy did confirm that Deforrest’s vehicle had rolled over and caught fire.