Monday, November 22, 2010

Girls lied about age, man acquitted on sex charges

Off topic, in a sense, but I found it interesting that Mr. Brown was acquitted. Regardless of the fact that they showed fake ID's. Because it showed HIS state of mind and good faith belief, the court actually did the right thing.

REGINA — A Regina man who picked up two underage teens for sex was acquitted Thursday after Court of Queen's Bench Justice Ellen Gunn accepted the accused's testimony that the girls showed him fake IDs.

"I find as a fact that they told him they were 18 or over," Gunn said in finding Ricardo Brown, 34, not guilty. "I further find . . . the accused asked them to produce photo identification as proof of their age, and that they produced false identification."

Brown, 34, was acquitted of two counts of sexual assault, two counts of obtaining sexual services from a person under age 18, and one count of invitation to sexual touching.

Court had heard the two girls were 14 at the time of the incident in 2009. Brown never denied engaging in sexual activities with the teens; rather the case turned on how old he believed they were, and what he did to back up that belief.