Sunday, November 14, 2010

The essence of feminism: double-standards

It is the mission of feminism to unshackle women so they can express their femininity in whatever manner they desire, and to shackle men so that they can express their masculinity only in the manner feminists approve. 

The words of feminist icon Germaine Greer speak for themselves:


Question: . . . you said the victims of pornography are men not women. You've gone to explain how men are the victims of pornography but what I find hard to understand . . . is how can you say not women?

Germaine: Well I think....

Question: Aren't both victims?

Germaine: Yes. Ultimately, yes, but the primary victim is the man. Because it improvises his own sexual response. If you encounter pornography as a teenager and most people do or even younger. Most men do and you masturbate habitually with the stereotypical images in your head.

Then when you want to make love to a woman, you'll have to impose that imagery on her and you have to make love to her as if she was virtual and not real. If makes it very hard for her to love you. But it makes it even harder for you to love her because it's easy; masturbation is easy. You can construct it any way you want. You can give yourself all the little ingredients that you like. That the creature never speaks. She certainly never laughs at you. The phone doesn't ring. You're not watching television. This is a very simple transaction and it leads to a very one-dimensional kind of pleasure, which has nothing to do with joy. It has nothing to do with triumph. It has nothing to do with getting really close to somebody. It protects you against all that vulnerability. You have that same problem again. And so ... and it also cost you money. It doesn't cost you a lot of money. It's a huge industry now and it grows all the time.   Source:


Greer: "There are many ways in which a boy is an ideal fantasy partner for a woman. Any woman of taste would have a boy for a lover rather than a man. He's easier to manage. His sperm flows like tap water, which happens to be a biological fact. And quicker recovery time and all that kind of thing. More rewarding in all sorts of ways. Conversation might be a bit lacking, but then, who does it for conversation?"

From broadcast of ITV's arts programme The South Bank Show, in which Greer discussed the theme of her book, The Boy.  On the show, an 18-year-old model posed in the nude while Greer waxed poetic about young male sperm.

Thanks to Jason