Friday, October 1, 2010

Plum Point kidnap report false, police say

Southaven finds no evidence of assault

Thursday, was the first time Southaven resident Ronnie Dowty heard the allegation that a woman had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted in his Plum Point subdivision.

"My daughter said she heard something about it today, but other than that I haven't heard a thing about it," said Dowty.

Friday, the Southaven Police Department issued a statement saying a report filed on the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault was false.

Police said they received the kidnapping/sexual assault report on Aug. 14 by a woman saying she was assaulted in the subdivision off of Elmore Road.

"After receiving such report, the Southaven Police Department began an immediate investigation into these allegations," the report read. "After conducting a thorough investigation, the Southaven Police Department found no evidence to substantiate a kidnapping or sexual or physical assault. As a result, the Southaven Police Department has closed this case based upon a false report having been filed."

They said they have received several calls from residents in the subdivision daily about the alleged assault.

"The purpose of the press release is to dispel allegations and alleviate fears of a reported kidnapping and sexual assault in Plum Point," the statement issued Friday read.

Dowty, who has lived in the neighborhood for four years, said the community that has streets with names like Lime Tree Cove and Peach Trail Drive, is one of the safest areas he has lived in.

"I love it here and have no plans to move," he said.

[FRS COMMENT] - If all of this was due to a false report, shouldn't the case still be open due to charges being filed against the individual who filed the false report?