Monday, October 25, 2010

About Law Enforcement: A Letter To Our Readers

Recently on this blog, there has been an ongoing argument about whether Law Enforcement properly handles false rape accusations, and criminal investigations in general.

While the anger that those who have been falsely accused is certainly understandable, the constant blaming of Law Enforcement, is, to put it bluntly, misplaced. The blame for a false accusation belongs in one place and one place only: on the person who makes the complaint.

Read that again, and let it sink in.

The person responsible for a false accusation is the person who files the complaint. Until such time as a person either goes to the police and files a claim, or goes to the hospital and says they were raped, it is more than likely that the police will never become involved. It takes a specific action by one party (with a report of rape), to elicit a reaction from Law Enforcement (an investigation of an alleged rape).

Does Law Enforcement get it wrong sometimes? Of course it does. Police are human, and, therefore, fallible. And this site is more than willing to call them out on it when they do. But this does not mean that police constantly go out of their way  to persecute innocent men.**

The thing that we must keep in mind is that this site is not about bashing Law Enforcement. The simple fact is that without them, this site would not exist. It is the police who uncover that allegations of rape are false in almost every we post here (some are discovered during a trial, or after conviction, but those are much less frequent). Either they uncover evidence that proves the complaint false, or while investigating, they uncover something that doesn’t add up/make sense, and that is usually enough for the accuser to admit she or he lied.

Therefore, overall, they are getting it right. To state otherwise devalues what this site stands for: support and recognition of those who have been falsely accused of rape, or sexual assault, be they man or woman. We have fought too hard to make this a credible site, and the constant attack on Law Enforcement, is damaging that effort.

If you wish to comment on the specific case, and the way it was handled, feel free. If you wish to discuss arrest policies, and what needs to be changed, feel free. If Law Enforcement did something wrong in a specific article, then go ahead and bring it up.

But keep in mind that almost always, they did get it right, sooner or later, or the story wouldn’t be posted.

** It is understood that the vast majority of false rape accusations are made against men.

P.S. – As an aside, I hate to go to comment moderation, but if this constant back and forth continues to derail comment threads, it may be necessary. While I am all for open discussion, the vision of where this site is going is too great to risk over people who hate LE. There are sites better suited to express that attitude, and it only makes our job more difficult.