Friday, September 24, 2010

Sex Assault Claims False

Two claims of sexual assault in Worcester in the space of 24 hours - both turned out to be false.

The first suspected attack happened on Quay Street at around 10 o'clock. Then, between 1 and 2am, another woman claimed she'd been attacked in a field just off Red Hill Lane.

A youth, who was arrested over one of the alleged assaults, has now been released.

34 officers were used to investigate the incidents and both areas were cordoned off yesterday while forensic teams carried out searches.

West Mercia Police say they're taking no further action over the alleged assaults as the claims turned out to be false. They also say there's no evidence to suggest the two are connected.

A Police Spokesman said:

“The circumstances surrounding both investigations convince us that no further action is necessary or appropriate.”

“South Worcestershire remains an extremely safe place in which to live and work. Genuine sexual assaults are rare in the Division – and it is even rarer to have two reports within hours of each other. We are pleased to confirm that neither reported victim was assaulted in any way.”

Police have also told Wyvern no-one will be charged for wasting their time - and they don't want anyone to be put off from reporting these serious crime to them.