Friday, September 10, 2010

Rape Culture 101 -- Helpers and Companions

by Connie Chastain*

By now, people who've read a few of my essays likely know that my opposition to feminism is rooted in my religious beliefs, which form the basis of my cultural, political and all other views. Almost everything about my beliefs make feminists and progressives absolutely bonkers, but nothing drives them insane like this one, articulated succinctly by the protagonist in my novel: “She was trying to be helpful. That’s what women do, because that’s how God made them—to be helpers and companions to men." ~Troy Stevenson (from Southern Man by Connie Chastain)

Men are doers, accomplishers. Women are helpers and companions. It takes both to have a successful human race. Feminism, as a subset of socialism, which is hostile to religion, views the female role of helper and companion as second-class. They've even gone so far as to characterize it as "oppression". Never mind that this helping role kept them in a protected status for most of the existence of the human race -- not totally free from danger and death, but far more protected than men who were doing the protecting and providing.

Besides, what is secondary about such a vital role? What is second-class about enabling men to fulfill their role as men? What is inferior about bearing and caring for children, ensuring that society will continue successfully? And it's a two-way street; men fulfilling their roles enable women to be successful in theirs, so how can either of them be considered second-class?

The envy women feel for man's place in human society betrays an abysmal lack of understanding of the very reason two roles exist. If Adam could have done it all, why was a helper needed? And if Eve had been just a carbon copy of Adam, how could she have helped? What new capabilities could she have added?

But if you want to be a revolutionary, if you want to turn culture and the social order upside down, nothing succeeds like exploiting an aggrieved population. The feminist/progressive revolutionary's first job was to create the aggrievement, then to exploit it. Modern advances, which rendered the helper role progressively easier for women, created a class with idle time on its hands easily filled with aggrievement.

We all know the rest. The marching and chanting, the bra-burning, the organizing, the political bullying. The encouragement to abandon home and family. The usually unarticulated, indeed, unacknowledged but very real hatred of children and motherhood that results in a million abortions a year. The well-articulated and demonstrated hatred of men that permeates the female spectrum of society, seen no more clearly than in claims of rape culture and false accusations of rape, although by no means limited to them.

Am I saying women should never be educated, never work outside the home, never become doctors, lawyers and CEOs? Of course not, but women should also not be told -- and they are -- that homemaking is stifling and limiting, and that homemakers aren't as good as doctors and lawyers, that men are oppressors or, paradoxically, a drain on a woman's success, and thus relationships with men (anything beyond hookups) are to be avoided.

Feminism has reshaped the culture, from the movies to the universities, from legislative bodies to the courts, and fashioned it into a giant funnel that attempts to herd women into the beliefs and lifestyles feminist leaders deem appropriate. Their efforts have been just successful enough to bring our culture to the brink of ruin. It will never be completely successful because the Almighty created women for a specific reason, to fulfill a specific purpose. When feminism wars against those, it is taking on an Adversary it cannot defeat.

Yes. This is all my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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