Thursday, September 23, 2010

Police Beat - Tarrytown: Woman goes to Jail for False Rape Accusation

Scroll down to the August 25th entry at 5.04

Officers responded to Howard Street in Sleepy Hollow to investigate a possible rape that had occurred in Tarrytown. One female reported that she got off the train at the Tarrytown station, was pulled into a red car and was raped by three male Hispanics. Officers noted that the female was being uncooperative, and they couldn't tell if the rape had occurred in Tarrytown or Sleepy Hollow. The woman was taken to Phelps Hospital for examination, while officers canvassed the area searching for the red car that was reportedly involved. The woman was treated and evaluated at Phelps Hospital. She consented to some medical tests, which were not specified. She was then transported back to Tarrytown headquarters for further investigation. Later that afternoon, police charged the woman with falsely reporting an incident. She was fingerprinted and arraigned. She had bail set, but couldn' post bail and was sent off to Westchester County Jail.