Monday, September 13, 2010

Lambs To The Slaughter: The Hofstra False Rape Case

This is the most important post we've ever run on this site, not to mention the lengthiest.  Monday September 13 marks the first anniversary of the Hofstra false rape claim, the most widely publicized false rape claim since Duke Lacrosse. No less an authority than Prof. KC Johnson, guru of the Duke Lacrosse case, said that the claim at Hofstra was "equally spectacular" to the claim at Duke. Yet, while entire books have been written about Duke, after Hofstra was no longer "news," that "equally spectacular" case has been largely ignored except by feminist writers. This piece is intended to fill that gap. 

The Hofstra story encapsulates virtually every pathology that defines the way modern society sacrifices innocent victims of false rape claims as collateral damage in the "more important" war on rape.  

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