Friday, September 3, 2010

Five People Charged In Teen's Murder In Court

Rape Claim May Have Prompted Teen's Murder

Five years ago, gunfire ended a teenager's life in an upscale Davie neighborhood.

On Tuesday the five individuals charged with murder and conspiracy in connection with that death are scheduled to be in court.

According to Davie Police it began Christin Bilotti told her mother that her former boyfriend, 18-year old Richard Rojas, had broken into their home and raped her.

Investigators said the rape allegations enraged Christin's father, Michael Bilotti, who reportedly enlisted the help of three men – Richard Corbin, John Pacchiana and Wayne Palazzola - who worked for him at area nightclubs. One of those men, Pacchiana, is accused of shooting Rojas.

According to police records, the Bilottis told detectives Rojas had planned to visit the house on July 12th to retrieve $2-thousand dollars that he had left there. According to their story, while at the house Rojas threatened Pacchiana with a gun and so Pacchiana shot Rojas in the face and in the back of the neck in self defense.

But according to documents released by the Davie Police Department investigators uncovered a different story.

First, according to a friend of Rojas, Christin was never raped.

"Rojas was invited over to the residence by Christin," according to an investigator's report, "and they had sex."

Police documents reveal that during the investigation detectives were informed by nurses that "there was no bruising and or/other trauma observed on Christin during a sexual assault examination" that one would expect to find on rape victims.

A check of phone records days before Rojas' death reveal there were dozens of phone calls between Christin Bilotti and Rojas, one lasting nearly an hour. Detectives believe those calls show Rojas was not stalking or harassing Christin Bilotti as she and her family had claimed.

Phone records indicate there were 75 phone calls leading up to the shooting, the last call between Christin Bilotti and Rojas occurred at 1:36 am, minutes before Rojas died.