Monday, September 13, 2010

'Rape culture' made her lie and almost destroy five innocent men

We could have run our massive Hofstra piece over the course of a week, but decided that it would be better to put it in one place and let folks read it as they have time.  If you are going to read one thing on this site, read this: "Lambs To The Slaughter."  Buried deep in the article is a discussion of the lunatic fringe's reaction to the Hofstra case. I thought it would prove interesting to our readers to highlight our discussion of this article:

Hofstra was a blow to the radical feminist metanarrative that women don't lie about rape, and that men get away with rape with impunity. But progressive pundits weren't prepared to cede the mantle of victimhood to four unruly young males. Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper's Sexist blog noted that "the public will likely never know what actually happened" in this case. This, despite the fact that the public knew within days of the event exactly what happened.

Then, Hess manufactured a handy excuse for Ndonye: "I can't recall how many times I've seen a discussion of a rape accusation devolve into the one side arguing why the accuser should be believed, and the other side arguing that the accuser should be discredited. . . . .The meaningless squabbles between the two camps tend to overlook the fact that people concerned about rape and people concerned about fake rape accusations are both fighting against the same thing: rape culture."

"Rape culture" is the cause of false rape claims? Really?

Wait. Hess isn't finished: "Both rape and rape accusations are products of the roles assigned by rape culture. In the traditional seduction scenario, a woman is expected to not desire to have sex, and to only submit after the man has successfully coerced her into submission. When the preferred model for consensual sex looks a hell of a lot like rape, an array of fucked-up scenarios are inevitable: the woman never wanted to fuck the guy, refuses to submit, and is raped; the woman submits to the man's coercion in order to avoid other negative consequences (like being raped); the woman had desired the sex all along, but must defend her femininity by saying that she had been coerced into sex."

Hess' epiphany is, of course, unworthy of serious consideration because it absolves false rape accusers of personal responsibility for their malefactions, whitewashes vile criminal misconduct, and enshrouds criminals bent on destroying innocent lives in the garb of victimhood.

Just as feminists are quick to condemn any suggestion that men are "too weak" to avoid raping, women must not be excused for destroying lives with rape lies merely because they've been taught to play "hard to get" or feel the need to "defend their femininity." Both men and women have the capacity to avoid committing terrible crimes, and it is a hallmark of a civilized society that people are held accountable when they fail to do so.

In any event, Hess' suggestion that it was some misogynistic and diabolical "rape culture" that made Ndonye regret her shocking sex frolic, or that kept her from trumpeting her bizarre tryst to the world, is stardust feminist wishfulness. Think, for a moment, about what really happened here. Ndonye's boyfriend was trying to call her at the very moment she was urging four strangers to insert their penises into her. The notion that Ndonye was merely "defending her femininity" by denying this particular consensual romp is absurd on its face. By any measure, she was cheating on her boyfriend in a nasty way -- there is no other way to spin it -- and she was rightfully ashamed for doing that. So she lied to cover it up.

The fact is, cheating lovers of both genders feel regret and don't want to be caught. It is well to note that one of the falsely accused young men in this case was greatly concerned about the need to explain to his girlfriend what he was doing in that bathroom. "I put her through hell," he said. "It's going to be hard to get through this." And, yes, if men could plausibly lie about rape to cover up illicit sex, no doubt many would do so, too. But while feelings of regret are not gender-specific, women have a near-monopoly on the power to plausibly cover up forbidden consensual sex with a rape lie.

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