Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comment from slwerner from previous post on anonymity


Anonymous ”Trouble with anonymity is the serial rapists of the world like Andrew Luster, who would still be drugging and raping women had it not been for a few brave souls who came forward.”

Not only is this one single example (against hundreds of examples of innocent men being harmed by false accusations); there is nothing to indicate that if his name had not been publicized, he would not have been linked to the 20 women he was convicted of raping. In case your just dropping his name without actually knowing anything about the case, he was identified by three women who knew him already, and the police found videos enabling them to link him to the others. They NEVER needed the public-at-large’s help to do this. I’d say nice try, but that would be a lie. Your effort here was obvious and pathetic.

Anonymous - ”Not only that, if we had anonymity, it could double the number of rape-kit-test-results just sitting around in storage. It's estimated that there are now hundreds of thousands of these kits all over the country.”

Meaning what, exactly? Are you supposing that all those rape kits have been used, or are simply stockpiled in SANE exam rooms in the event they are needed? And, remember, all those women who are later revealed to have been lying (often about sexual contact even occurring), but who got SANE exams in response to their false allegation, also have a kit that was used. Why test those kits of women know to have lied? Danmell Ndonye had one done, so did Crystal Magnum. What value lies in testing such kits, except, as in the case of Mangum, exonerating those she accused?

And, since your illogic is so hard to follow, please explain how not having an alleged rapists identity publicly revealed is going to impact a woman’s decision on whether or not to file charges. A more rational argument would be that, knowing that her attacker would be exposed publicly, and that such exposure could allow others to figure out that she was an (alleged) victim, would have a much greater impact on making a woman ask to have charges filed and the kit processed. [bet your canned feminist talking points didn’t prepare you for that one]

How, exactly, would not publishing his identity actually allow a rapist a greater chance of not being convicted? Jurors are admonished to base their decisions on the evidence presented at trial, and not rely on anything they’ve read in the press. That’s why, despite the press being able to make any man seem guilty, even those cases that go to trial have a rather low rate of conviction. Evidence in NOT what the paper says it is.

Now, you want to know haw to help make it more likely for real rapists to walk? Easy! Encourage more women to make false rape claims.

I’ll give you a concrete example of how that works. Earlier this year, my wife, who is a prosecutor took a case of a man accused of raping an under-aged family member to trial (I’m a skeptic, but knowing some privileged info about the case, it seems more likely than not that this had been a real rape).

During the voir dire, the female defense attorney cleverly brought up the issue of false rape allegations, asking the question of each prospective juror that was called to the box. A number of them (mostly men, BTW) allowed that they’d heard of it happening, but claimed to have little idea about how likely it was. But, then, a woman was called up, who looked very classy, well educated, well read and up-to-date, and confident. When she was asked about FRA’s she proclaimed, “Oh, I know they happen all the time. People just don’t realize often it happens”.

Later, after the “not guilty” verdict, she indicated that she knew, that in that moment, the case had been lost. A woman who simply knew that FRA’s happen rather frequently, and who wasn’t afraid to tell the truth, was all it took to “poison” the jury, and ensure that (in all likelihood) and actual rapist “walked”.

Satisfied? Want to harm even more women? Just keep the FRA’s coming so that the world can see how often women DO lie, and for what specious reasons they chose to do so. Knowledge is power, as they say, and knowledge of FRA’s is certainly a boon to all innocent men – while unintentionally aiding real rapists. You have heard of “The Law of Unintended Consequences”, haven’t you? FRA’s ending up helping rapist is a really good example of what it means.