Sunday, August 22, 2010

Was the Pentagon behind Wikileaks rape claim?

If you want to destroy a man without officially killing him, there is no better way to do that than to falsely accuse him of rape.  If a government wanted to hurt someone (provided he is male), is it so difficult to believe it would arrange for him to be falsely accused of rape?

We don't know the full story behind the murky Wikileaks rape claim that initially saw Swedish prosecutors issue an arrest warrant for Australian whistleblower Julian Assangelate on Friday night only to withdrew it the following day.  For example, no one is using the word "false" in connection with the rape claim, but it seems unlikely that prosecutors simply decided not to press rape charges based on a determination that it couldn't prevail at trial, or even based on the women's decision not to cooperate. Not that quickly.

Assange said in an interview published on Sunday that he believes the Pentagon could be behind the rape accusation.  He said that he had been warned previously that groups such as the Pentagon "could use dirty tricks" to destroy Wikileaks -- adding that he had been particularly warned against being entrapped by sexual scandals.

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