Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Woman tries to destroy boyfriend with rape lie for not helping her with housework

Want to get back at your boyfriend for not helping with the housework? Don't just talk to him about it and tell him how it offends you when he doesn't help. Tell the police he raped you and try to destroy his life. The next time a progressive self-righteously, sarcastically, and incredulously inquires, "Why would a woman lie about rape, given the ordeal she knows she will be put through?" Just tell her about Faye Pendlebury, featured in the news story below, who told a rape lie to get back at her boyfriend for that very "infraction." 

Sadly, we have reported on this site rape lies told for far less serious "infractions."  A male teacher reprimands you? Tell mommy he raped you -- it'll send him to jail, ruin his marriage, end his career, and pretty much destroy his life.  A cab driver threatens to call the police over an unpaid fare? Just tell the police he raped you and send him to jail.  A boy in school rejects you?  He does so at his peril, because countless young women have told rape lies in that situation. Your father grounds you?  He risks his life for doing that because you can destroy him with one phone call. 

In the story below, Ms. Pendlebury appeared "shocked and stunned" as she was led from the dock by security staff to be locked away for eight months. She likely was "shocked and stunned" because custodial sentences for false rape lies are so rare.  Perhaps if more would-be rape liars understood that their lies would lead to a custodial sentence, the power to cry "rape" would not be so terribly abused.

Woman jailed over false rape claim

Published Date: 28 July 2010

A CARE assistant has been locked up for eight months for lying to police that her boyfriend raped her.

Faye Pendlebury, aged 36, made the claim as a "point scoring" exercise during a volatile relationship, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

After she made her false claim Pendlebury's 32-year-old boyfriend Alan Jones was arrested and detained by police.

He was later released on bail but was re-arrested after she lied again, this time claiming he had assaulted her.

Pendlebury said she concocted the second fictional attack to get back at him for not helping her with the housework. Judge Simon Lawler QC told Pendlebury: "False complaints of rape are always regarded as a very serious matter. It is quite impossible to avoid an immediate custodial sentence."

Pendlebury, of Britain Street, Mexborough, appeared shocked and stunned as she was led from the dock by security staff.

Louise Gallagher, prosecuting, said Pendlebury was arrested during a 3am disturbance at Mr Jones' home in Goldthorpe, near Barnsley. She was drunk, agitated and screaming, and was taken to Barnsley police station for breaching the peace.

During questioning she appeared frightened and showed officers bruising on her thighs. She asked to see a doctor and then claimed she had been raped by Mr Jones.

He was arrested at 5.15am on suspicion of rape and taken to Ecclesfield police station for questioning. DNA samples were also taken from him.

Mr Jones, who had also been drinking, remained in police custody for 10.5 hours until he was granted bail.

Three days later Pendlebury contacted the police again and accused Mr Jones of assaulting her while on bail by punching her on the nose and hitting her with a bottle.

He was arrested again but soon afterwards Pendlebury admitted the assault was untrue.

Miss Gallagher said: "She said it had been made up to get back at Mr Jones for not helping her with the housework."

The next day she admitted she had cried rape to "score points" against Mr Jones after her arrest.

She was then detained and told police she had been so drunk she could not remember making the rape claim.

Pendlebury said: "It was point scoring, I honestly thought they would not believe me."

She admitted perverting the course of justice.

Robert Sandford, defending, said she had undergone treatment for a drink problem. Mr Sandford said she had been in a relationship with Mr Jones' father and they had two children. When the relationship ended last December, she took up with Alan Jones.

He said she had taken steps to improve her life by moving away from her former address on Victoria Street, Goldthorpe to Mexborough.