Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This would be amusing if it wasn't so tragic: Media Matters on false rape claims

A flashback: On April 20, 2006, Media Matters for America, the self-described "progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media," reported the following:

O'Reilly stated that alleged Duke rape victim "put herself in jeopardy"

The accuser, who turned out to be a bald-faced liar, was the "victim," according to this organization.

Now here's a quote from Bill O'Reilly, the populist political pundit.  Guess which portion Media Matters for America thinks is offensive?

One of the players charged, Collin Finnerty, may be a violent guy. Last November, he was allegedly involved in an assault on a man in Washington, D.C., for absolutely no reason. And he entered a diversionary program.

Fighting, drinking to excess, and generally ignoring social boundaries always leads to bad, unintended consequences. Always.

Likewise, a 27-year-old woman put herself in jeopardy. She has two young kids to support and no fathers in sight. So, in order to earn money, she chooses to go to strange places and disrobe in front of strange men. Do the math.

That's right. Media Matters was OK with the slam against one of the lacrosse boys. It took offense at the slam against the false rape accuser.

On April 14, 2006, Media Matters wrote this:

Savage called alleged Duke rape victim a "dirty, verminous black stripper" . . ..

For our friends in England, Michael Savage is the demonically brilliant US-based conservative talk-meister who was banned from traveling to your country. Seriously -- banned (so much for freedom and all that crap, eh fellows?).  I am certain many of our readers loathe and detest Savage.  Savage is over-the-top vicious, and smart, and funny.  Regardless of how you feel about him, read what he said about Duke Lacrosse -- and what Media Matters found offensive:

SAVAGE: There's another story that's very important to show you the twisting of justice in America, the lack of justice in America, and the viciousness of prosecutors in America, and how the cards are stacked against white males in America; and that is the case in North Carolina where a Durham dirt-bag made false accusations against members of a lacrosse team. DNA evidence was collected -- has proven to show that there was no reference to any rape.
. . . .
SAVAGE: We have here now the voice of a so-called student body president. Listen carefully.

RENEE CLARK (NCCU student body president) [audio clip]: Students at NCCU, alongside with students from Duke, know that it is time to come together to ensure that justice is served. No longer will sexual assault against women, sexual injustice, or any timeless -- or the timeless of due process be issues that render the legal outcome of current --

SAVAGE: Now, wait a minute. Hold on. This idiot can't even read a three-syllable word, but I think what this moron -- this sub-moron -- just said is that due process should have no bearing upon the outcome of the case because they're guilty, because she wants them to be guilty. Go ahead. Continue.

CLARK [audio clip]: This entire ordeal has been played out in the media from evidential findings to the character of the parties involved.

SAVAGE: Hold it. She said because of the character of the parties involved, they're guilty? Did you hear what this thing just said? This thing just said that their character has convicted them. This is the same person that if one of her brethren were brought into a court room, who had previously conducted crimes, these previous crimes would not be permitted to be issued as evidence, because it would be discriminatory or prejudicial, but she said she knows that they're guilty because of their character? Are you listening to what these people are saying to -- about these boys down there? Listen. Go ahead.

CLARK [audio clip]: Things that the media has not turned its attention to is the commonality of incidences such as this on campuses worldwide, in our communities, in our nation, and around the world.

SAVAGE: Hold on. Campuses worldwide are now going to influence the outcome of this case? This is the radical, feminist, lesbian agenda being acted out on our campuses in a witch-hunt manner against these white boys, very much like the socialist communist agenda being acted out on the American stage by the extras called the illegal aliens. I hope you understand what's going on in your country. And the reason it's happening, is because George Bush is such a weak leader, and because the Republicans have ceased to exist as a party that there is a power vacuum into which jump these opportunistic infections.
. . . .
SAVAGE: Now, in America, you're supposed to be innocent until you're proven guilty. They take 20 boys, they take their DNA because a dirty, verminous black stripper says she -- the -- she was raped and beaten. They do the DNA, none of her -- none of their DNA is found on this woman.