Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teenager makes false gang rape accusation, gets a stern warning

The kidnapping and gang rape complaint made by an 18-year-old girl on Friday turned out to be false.
The police said the girl had planned to blackmail the four men she had accused of raping her. Though the police arrested the teenager, they let her off later with a “stern warning”.

“On Friday evening we received a call from the Delhi Police about kidnapping of a girl from Great India Place Mall area. Immediately police teams traced the Scorpio car and nabbed two suspected kidnappers and recovered the girl. The girl told the police that the two other men, who were with the accused, had run away,” said R.N. Mishra, Deputy Superintendent of Police.

“The medical examination of the girl revealed no sign of injury at her private parts and no semen was found. Though rape was ruled out in the medical examination, the girl continued to claim she was gangraped,” said Mishra.

The girl had told the police that she had come for a job interview but the four men raped her in the car.

The DSP said, “The address given by her was found to be fake. Her sister came from Ghaziabad but she claimed she was her cousin. On detailed interrogation, she revealed her family was facing some financial problem and she was in need of Rs 50,000. She confessed that she made kidnapping and gang rape complaint to extract money.”

“She was handed over to her sister. Though she could have been booked for giving wrong complaint, she was let off with just a stern warning,” said Mishra.