Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sick, hateful: Barbara Ellen says that since men favor anonymity and women oppose it, the female viewpoint should prevail

I am beyond weary of female features writers at major dailies, especially in the UK, being permitted to say whatever hateful thing they want about the issue of false rape claims without being held accountable to the truth.  Their views aren't deserving of civility since they are coated with a patina of gross dishonesty and blatant misandry.

I will dissect the hateful comments of Guardian writer Barbara Ellen on the subject:

Don't give men anonymity on rape

ELLEN: It's astonishing that the government is still pushing its heavily criticised plan to give rape suspects anonymity. They have quietly changed it from anonymity until conviction to anonymity until chargedcorrect [sic] and there are hints of a free government vote in autumn. Still, with false rape allegations amounting to no more than a handful, rather than a genuine epidemic, what possible justification do they have?

FRS: There they go again. They act as if things are rendered true merely because they say them.  Your premise that false rape claims are very rare is dishonest in the extreme, Ellen.  No one can assert the prevalence of false rape claims with specificity, but the overriding evidence reveals they are a significant problem. Spend a few weeks reading through this site and perhaps you won't engage in such vile prevarications. 

As for the "possible justification," you can't seriously mean that? The harm of publicly identifying falsely accused men is unconscionable, because a rape claim is loathsome and because, once a rape claim is alleged, unlike other allegations of criminality, it is nearly impossible to disprove. Get it?  Yes, but it doesn't matter to you, does it? 

Oh, and nice editing. Perhaps that enlightened newspaper should think about hiring a proofreader so that readers can be sure they are reading your inanity instead of typos.
. . . .
ELLEN: Widening this out, it could be that this Commons gender division is also true of the country. Maybe men generally feel strongly about anonymity, while women feel the opposite. If that is the case, then how should we proceed?  Well, that's a no-brainer – the female viewpoint obviously takes precedence, simply because, with rare exceptions, women are the victims of rape. Certainly, it seems ludicrous to go the other way. While men are more likely to be falsely accused of rape, they are also, in far greater numbers, the perpetrators of it.

FRS: There you have it. Inanity, irrationality, and hatred have officially replaced logic, rationality, and fidelity to the highest principles of journalism at the Guardian.  I lack the skills to adequately describe why this statement is among the most imbecilic I have ever read in a major news publication. Barbara Ellen's utter disregard for the falsely accused is beyond despicable. Men who are falsely accused of rape are victimized by members of Ellen's gender almost exclusively.  And Ellen enables false accusers with her hate screed. 

ELLEN: This is not about twanging 1970s dungarees and hysterically screaming: "All men are rapists!" This is about the fact that Mmost [sic] rapists are men and most rape victims are women.

FRS: And almost all false accusers are women.

ELLEN: So keep opposing, women MPs – this is one area where, morally and legally, the female voice should be strongest.

FRS: I am laughing out loud that this person has the audacity to talk about morality.  Kind of like Osama bin Laden lecturing about morality.