Monday, July 26, 2010

Serial false rape accuser tried to destroy man's life for not giving her a beer

The next time someone self-righteously inquires, "Why would a woman lie about rape, given the ordeal she knows she will be put through?"  Just tell her that she might lie about rape if a man refuses to buy her a beer.  Tell her about the news story below, where Kristin Milligan tried to destroy the life of a man she didn't know because he wouldn't give her a beer.  We have seen some terribly lame reasons for falsely accusing men and boys of rape -- we've seen rape lies told as an excuse for being late for work and to get out of paying a cab fare -- but this ranks among the more absurd.  The woman  in question was a serial false accuser, and fortunately the police were familiar with her and knew enough to stop her before she could destroy an innocent man.

Woman said man raped, held her captive

Police: She's known for false rape allegations

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Authorities arrested Kristin Milligan, 54, after police said she made false reports about being raped and sparked an emergency response from the Austin Police Department Friday.

A couple of police officers responded to Sixth Street and Congress Avenue about a disturbance in progress at 8:15 p.m., after Milligan reportedly called to say there was a male on the scene who had kidnapped and held her captive for five days. Milligan allegedly told the operator he had fled the scene but said she could see him assaulting another female at the moment.

Police found the suspect matching the caller's description at a bus stop a block away, where the man told police Milligan approached him at Sixth Street and Congress Avenue and said she would call 911 to report he had raped her if he did not get her a beer.

The man told police he did not know her and that because of her erratic behavior, he quickly walked away to the bus stop.

Police again approached Milligan, who they said told them the man had kidnapped her two weeks ago and kept her for several days. However, one of the officers said he had personally seen Milligan recently and had heard of other officers who had come in contact with her.

"Her involvement with our department shows that she has consistent involvement with us numerous times a week for the months of May, June and July," read court documents. "She also frequently makes false rape allegations."

Police said no one around the Sixth Street and Congress Avenue bus stop saw the man assaulting or disturbing Milligan or anyone else.

That's when police said it was clear Milligan had knowingly made a call to 911, given false information about an assault that was not happening and that the call and information elicited an emergency response from APD.

Police went to arrest Milligan, but they said she pulled away from them and fell to the ground. An officer moved in and started to handcuff her when she allegedly kicked out with her left leg, pushing the officer away while he tried to arrest her.

Authorities transported Milligan to Travis County Central Booking, where she allegedly became very irate and kept standing up, cursing and yelling. Authorities said she spat on an officer’s shirt and left forearm after making her sit down on the jail bench.

Milligan is charged with harassment of a public servant, a third-degree felony. Bond is set at $5,000.