Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The real reason anonymity is opposed: publicly naming men accused of rape is a form of payback against an entire gender

We have carefully followed the arguments opposing anonymity, and have easily refuted every one.  Every single one.  The rationales posited in support of anonymity are so unavailing, that they actually underscore the correctness of the arguments favoring anonymity. 

It is both astounding and sadly hateful that members of the sexual grievance industry feel the need to engage in a sort of twisted Oppression Olympics, where it is politically incorrect to lend any support for the falsely accused because, to them, the gender wars are a zero sum game -- helping men means hurting women. It would be akin to persons who fight cancer opposing any aid for the victims of heart attacks. When it comes to false rape claims, we are instructed to stand by and cavalierly watch as men and boys are killed, or kill themselves after having been falsely accused. We must blithely look the other way as they are beaten, spat upon, and chased through the town, often being forced to live elsewhere. We must stoically tolerate it when they lose their wives, their girlfriends, the love and support of their families, their jobs, their businesses, their life's savings, and their sanity over a false rape claim. We must insist it is perfectly acceptable when a falsely accused man's name is splashed all over the news so that any time, for the rest of his life, anyone -- from lovers to prospective employers -- "Googles" his name, they will learn of the awful accusation.

At the core of the sexual grievance industry's objection to anonymity, I suspect, is something that goes far, far beyond a concern for the victims of rape. At its core, I think, is something downright evil: the insistence that no support be given to falsely accused men is a sort of cruel payback against an entire gender for perceived sins of the "patriarchy." The fact that the innocent suffer with the guilty is simply too bad for the innocent. And here's the painful part: they just don't care.

Seriously. Read it again, and again, and again: they do not care.

This is the reason the sexual grievance industry opposes our efforts here and refuses to extend any -- and I do mean "any" -- support for the falsely accused.

They don't care.

By any measure, that is morally grotesque.