Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lebanon woman in court for false rape charges

Remember the recent scary abduction and assault in Ohio? According to this story: "Lebanon Police are searching for an abductor who snatched a college student from her front yard. Police said the victim was taking out the trash Monday morning in the 600 block of Franklin Road when two men approached her. The victim said they blindfolded and gagged her, tied her up, forced her into a car, and then drove to a wooded area where they assaulted her. There are no descriptions of either the suspects or their vehicle."

We know the abduction was true because, well, the news report dubbed the accuser a "victim."

Well, you can guess what really happened. Here's the updated story:

LEBANON, Ohio -- Twenty-one-year-old Kristen Lamb of Franklin Avenue, accused of making a false rape report, was in court Monday. She is facing misdemeanor counts of inducing panic and making false alarms.

She was granted a court-appointed attorney, and did not enter a plea.

Lamb said she was raped in a wooded area north of her home. But police became suspicious after Lamb could not give specific details about the alleged assault.

Her parents told the judge that she had been though a series of stressful events recently, which included
losing a boyfriend and pressures from college.

But her father admitted she will have to face the consequences for her actions. Lamb is a student at the University of Cincinnati.

Her next court hearing is set for Monday, June 21.

[FRS Comment] - She pled guilty to making a false alarm. That sound you just heard, is my jaw hitting the floor. That was, until I read THIS. It appears that in Ohio, that is a felony in the 5th degree, and she has pled guilty. So any future job she applies for, that asks if she has been convicted of a felony, she has to now answer yes to.