Saturday, July 10, 2010

Judge: "Anybody who makes false allegations of rape must expect to receive a custodial sentence"

Bravo to Judge Graham Cottle, who sent a false rape liar -- a compulsive "attention seeker" -- to prison for eighteen months after she caused an innocent man to spend four days in jail.  It needs to be understood that during those four days, the innocent man experienced a hell that the rape liar will not experience in her time behind bars: he lived with the uncertainty that the truth would be believed, and with the possibility of many years behind bars for a "crime" he didn't commit.  Eighteen months is too short a sentence for such a horrible, vile crime, but it's long enough to send a message, to this liar, and other like-minded liars.  Judge Cottle is to be commended for not buying the nonsense about the liar's troubled past. He is also to be commended for focusing on the harm to the innocent man.

Teen jailed over false rape claim'Troubled' young woman is jailed for 18 months

A TEENAGER who made false claims she was raped by a stranger in Torquay has been sent to prison for 18 months.

Nikita Kirk, 18, of Godwell Road, Ivybridge, called 999 from a public phone box to say a man she did not know had attacked and raped her.

The stranger was arrested, put into custody and tested for blood.

Exeter Crown Court was told yesterday his 'horrific' ordeal lasted four days before Kirk admitted she made up the whole story.

Sentencing her, Judge Graham Cottle said Kirk had no mental health problems and was simply a compulsive 'attention seeker'.

The court was told that on February 10, Kirk called police to make a 'totally false' report that a man had attacked her.

To support her accusation, she caused injuries to herself.

She took police to an address which she claimed was connected to the attack and identified a man who she said had taken cocaine before raping her.

David Gittins, prosecutor, said the man strenuously denied any part in the attack and offered to take blood tests to prove he had not taken drugs despite a fear of needles.

Four days later Kirk told police the allegation had been false.

At a previous court hearing she admitted one count of perverting the course of justice.

Mitigating, William Parkhill, said Kirk had endured a troubled childhood and had been raised in foster care.

He said pre-sentence reports showed she was a 'very troubled young lady' whose upbringing had left her 'extremely damaged' and prone to self-harming.

"Her behaviour is erratic and beyond explanation," he said, before adding that she had not thought through the consequences of her 'horrific' allegation.

Judge Cottle said the victim's experience could only be described as 'sheer hell'.

He said: "Only four days later did you eventually admit you had made it all up. Anybody who makes false allegations of rape must expect to receive a custodial sentence."

He added: "The behaviour you engaged in was basically attention seeking."

He said while the defendant was on bail for this offence, she committed several others including not paying a taxi driver his fare, committed after she had been drinking.

Kirk was given 18 months for perverting the course of justice and concurrent sentences of two months for six summary offences of making off without payment; sending a false message to police; wasting police time; obstructing a police officer and travelling on a railway without a ticket.