Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A whirl around the wacky world of false rape claims

▲Imagine if a court convicted a black man of rape because he led his "victim" to believe he was white to gain her consent to have sex with him.  The widespread outrage, even among progressives, would be wholly justified.  Then consider that an Arab who had consensual sex with a woman who believed him to be Jewish was convicted yesterday of rape by deception and sentenced to 18 months in prison by the Jerusalem District Court. See here.

▲A New Mexico mayor is going to trial for misdemeanor assault and battery stemming from a fistfight with the publisher of the local newspaper that arose from newspaper articles linking the mayor to the gang rape of a teenage girl in 1948 when he was 16 years old. The mayor denies the allegations. See here.  We don't know if the rape actually occurred, and we don't condone violence unless it is essential.  We do note, however, that if a man resorts to fisticuffs to protect a woman from being raped, he's a hero. But if he resorts to fisticuffs to protect his good name and all that is important to him from a false rape claim, he's a criminal.  We further note that society does essentially nothing to protect men from the harm of false rape claims.

▲Fun fact of the day: guess which reviled scholar is relied on in the Koss report?  Yep. Studies by Prof. Eugene Kanin, who is widely attacked by rape feminists because of his landmark false rape studies, are cited as authoritative. Kanin's studies on male aggression and acquaintance rape in the 50s and 60s made him a pioneering feminist icon, a sociologist whose writings were quoted without question.  Suddenly, however, Kanin became a nitwit who knew nothing about "methodology" (the favorite word of rape feminists when attacking Kanin) when he wrote his false rape claim report.

▲From the archives: Add Judge G. Michael Prall to the Misandry Hall of Fame. A teenage girl who admitted that her rape lie unjustly sent a teenage boy to a juvenile detention center for more than three months and caused him to lose a football scholarship to the high school he wanted to attend, was sentenced to probation. "Putting her into a detention facility with some hardcore delinquents is not the answer to the problem. The main problem here is you have two children having sex," Prall told the girl. "This is an obvious reason why kids your age shouldn't do that. Save that activity for when you're older and get married."  See here

▲Ever wonder how the sexual grievance industry became institutionalized and so deeply embedded in our law enforcement apparatus?  Ever wonder why Congress was hoodwinked by the prevarications and hysteria of rape advocates?  As but one example, just look who testified at the VAWA hearings:  Mary Koss.  You want to lose your breakfast?  Read that article.

▲Here's a college girl who insists the word "rape" is being misused: "Some people have started using the term 'rape' to denote an egregiously bad, or inversely, extremely good outcome – e.g. that test 'raped' me or I 'raped' that test." She concludes: "Diluting an effect the word has on people’s consciousness may further skew a rape culture that often victimizes people who speak up for themselves/against their attackers."  See here.  Of course, using the words "kill" and "murder" in a colloquial sense is perfectly OK, I am sure, because murder is not deserving of the solemnity of rape. I mean, murders in the inner city are not nearly as serious as the countless rapes on our college campuses that no one is reporting.  I wonder if this college girl would support use of the term "second rape" to describe the rape "victim's" supposed experience when she reports rape. My guess is she'd be OK with that because that doesn't dilute the horror of the act, now does it?

▲Speaking of Prof. Kanin, I was recently viciously attacked on another forum for misrepresenting Kanin's false rape report (by someone who has never read the entire thing, I am quite certain): I discussed Kanin's study of the police records of two large Midwestern state universities which found false rape claims represented 50% of all forcible rape complaints. I was attacked because I pointed out that neither police agency employed the polygraph, and the person who attacked me wrongly insisted I was wrong.  I was, of course, correct.  (Kanin's study of the other police force that yielded 41% false claims is often attacked by rape feminists because that police force used polygraphs, which are verboten in VAWA-Land.)