Monday, June 14, 2010

Woman withdraws rape charges

KANYE - Goitsemang Motlhankanyana, 20, of Kanye on Friday withdrew the false rape and assault charges she had earlier laid against Thapelo Rantsho, 23, an engineering technician at the Kanye Seventh Day Adventist Hospital.

Motlhankanyana had alleged that on the 21st of April at Mookodi Ward in Kanye, Rantsho assaulted and later raped her.

During court proceedings, the would-be rape victim suddenly told Kanye principal magistrate Ms Janet Phosa that the charges she laid against the accused were in fact false.

During cross-examination by the state prosecutor, assistant superintendent Sebolao Moncho, Motlhankanyana stated that the accused person has neither assaulted nor raped her.

She told the court that the sexual intercourse she had with him was consensual.

Asked why she filed fake rape charges, Motlhankanyana said she wanted to teach Rantsho a lesson.

She told the court that Rantsho had always fixed her on several occasions and that she laid the false charges to teach him a lesson.

She told court that the accused is his boyfriend and she wants the matter to be withdrawn.

She admitted that the statement she made was not true.

Moncho did not oppose the withdrawal of charges. In view of what the complainant has said, the state is not objecting to the withdrawal. The accused is acquitted and discharged, said Mr Phosa.

Meanwhile, Motlhankanyana could soon find herself exchanging the dock with her boyfriend. Soon after the court adjourned, she was taken to the Kanye Police Station where charges of giving false information to a person employed in the public service were laid against her.

If she is found guilty she may be imprisoned for a period not exceeding three years.BOPA