Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shreveport police arrest teen accused of filing false kidnapping report

The false reports of rape keep coming in, and if you notice, lately the false accusers are getting younger and younger. Tell me that women/girls don't know exactly how serious the police are going to take a report of rape, when children are making false reports of rape. And don't bother with the "women don't lie about rape" BS. This site proves that wrong every day.

14 year old falsely claims rape and kidnapping.

Shreveport police have arrested a 14-year-old who allegedly filed a false kidnapping and rape report last week.

The girl was charged with one count of criminal mischief and was booked into the Caddo Parish Juvenile Detention Center this morning.

The girl is accused of making up a story about being kidnapped and raped to cover up an overnight absence from her home.

Police found during an investigation that the girl spent the night with an adult man on the night in question, said Sgt. Bill Goodin, Shreveport Police Department spokesman.

Police are working to learn the identity of the man and determine what charges he may face.