Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man goes 'stir crazy' waiting for rape-accuser to clear his name

So let me get this straight. She accuses this man of rape, and then has the nerve to go on vacation for over a month? Seriously? All because she liked the attention. What a lovely person.

Michelle Anne Taruka Grafton goes on vacation after making false rape allegation.

A Christchurch man falsely accused of kidnapping and raping a woman says he went "stir crazy" after his accuser made her allegations then went on holiday.

Michelle Anne Taruka Grafton, 19, a student, yesterday admitted her claims of being forced into a car, tied up, and repeatedly raped were false.

In the Christchurch District Court, Judge Stephen Erber told Grafton her lies had "devalued the currency" for women who made genuine rape complaints.

"In explanation, she stated she did it because she liked the attention," police prosecutor Constable Michael Tualii told the court.

Grafton told police she had been abducted by a man she knew at 3pm on December 19. She said he had forced her into a car, driven her to a Yaldhurst address, and tied her hands to a sofa bed where she was repeatedly raped. She told police she escaped at 7am the next day, when he left for work.

The man she accused of rape, who spoke to The Press on the condition of anonymity, said he was contacted by police on Christmas Eve and asked to make a statement.

Grafton's account made him sick, he said. "I'd never read so much rubbish in my life."

He said the pair had had a brief liaison that night but had spent most of the evening watching television with the man's flatmate.

Despite unanswered questions over the allegations, Grafton "decided to hop on a plane and go away on holiday to Australia", he said.

"I didn't know if I was going to be charged. I was going a bit stir crazy, I couldn't function. I was being accused of something that was out of this world."

Grafton returned more than a month later, he said.

The court heard yesterday that Grafton admitted lying when she was interviewed again on February 28 and asked to sign a statement.

The officer in charge of the case, Detective Amy Marshall, told The Press "absolutely no-one corroborated what she [Grafton] said".

Marshall said she agreed with the judge's comments that false allegations affected genuine rape complainants. However, it also showed any allegations would be thoroughly investigated.

The judge remanded Grafton on bail for sentencing on July 1 on a charge of making a false statement that a crime had been committed.

Director of Rape Prevention Education, Dr Kim McGregor, said false complaints were rare.

"We treat people who have made false allegations with compassion because there's always a question mark over other issues being played out,'' she said.

McGregor said 90 per cent of rapes were not reported.

FRS COMMENT: Ms. McGregor, with all due respect, need to pull her head out of her hind quarters. False complaints aren't rare, there is absolutely nothing that shows that 90 percent of rapes aren't reported, and funny how you don't bother to show the real victim of the crime in this case, a shred of compassion. I guess that's not allowed.