Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girl made false sexual assault claim say Andover police

A 15-year-old girl from Andover has admitted making a false rape claim which sparked a police investigation in the town.

The girl alleged that she was sexually assaulted on the evening of Wednesday 12 May in the grounds of Winton School in London Road but has now admitted to police that the incident did not take place.

Detective Inspector Justin Norris, said: “I wish to thank the local community for their support during this investigation and particularly Winton School for their full co-operation.

“Hampshire Constabulary treats reports of physical or sexual assault very seriously and investigates all incidents fully and thoroughly.

“False allegations take up valuable police time and take vital resources away from those who have been genuine victims of crime.

“Anyone who makes a false allegation can expect to be dealt with robustly which may result in charges being made against them and could lead to them receiving a criminal record.”

[FRS Comment] - So let me get this straight. Dealing with a false allegation robustly, MAY result in charges filed. I am sorry, but I have a different understanding of the word "robust." I shudder to think what happens when they treat crimes non-robustly.