Thursday, June 24, 2010

Counter-Feminist takes on Amanda Marcotte's disparagement of people who speak up too much for the falsely accused

There are few people in the world I would worry about having as my enemy. The brilliant Fidelbogen at The Counter-Feminist is one of them. His site is must reading -- the quintessential dismantler of feminism, both as an ideology and as a movement. 

Fidelbogen has taken his well-honed scalpel to Amanda Marcotte's inanity in a piece aptly titled Amanda Marcotte Says That You Want to Rape Her!  Ms. Marcotte disparaged persons who speak up too much for men and boys falsely accused of rape and, unfortunately for her, Fidelbogen got wind of it. 

I had planned to simply repost the entire piece here, but that would make it too easy to avoid actually visiting and checking out this essential site.