Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ceilidh McCreadie faces jail over false rape claim

Chalk another one up to revenge. What a good reason to try to destroy someone's life. And you have to admit, it's refreshing to see the words "twisted" and "nasty" applied to a false accuser in a news story.

A TWISTED teenager falsely accused her ex-boyfriend of raping her.

Nasty Ceilidh McCreadie, 18, subjected the innocent young man to a police investigation because she wanted him to feel extreme pain.

He was forced to undergo a police interview, give DNA and surrender his clothes for forensic examination.

Meanwhile, police scoured CCTV footage, undertook door-to-door enquiries and carried out a scene of crime examination.

But after she refused to have a medical examination, McCreadie, who lived in Ayr at the time, admitted she had made the whole thing up.

She now faces jail over her false claims.

This week at Ayr Sheriff Court, she pleaded guilty to rendering her victim liable to suspicion and accusation.

The charge also reads that she wasted the time of the police and deprived the public of their services while they investigated her false claim.

Depute fiscal Isabel Vincent told Sheriff Desmond Leslie that McCreadie and her brother turned up at Ayr police office at around 11.45pm on July 31 last year.

McCreadie told officers she had been raped but while she was making a statement, her behaviour became problematic.

She refused to co-operate and was upset and crying.

On completion of the statement, the investigation process was explained to her.

At that point, McCreadie grabbed the paper her statement was written on and scrunched it up.

She initially refused to give a medical examination but when officers explained it would provide a forensic opportunity, she agreed.

McCreadie went with police to Glasgow for the medical exam but on arrival she immediately refused to have it.

Officers later tried to get another statement from McCreadie and she asked for it to be retracted.

McCreadie stated that she had a “deep hatred” towards her ex-boyfriend.

She said that due to his conduct she wanted him to “experience extreme pain.”

Sheriff Leslie deferred sentence on McCreadie, who now lives in Dundonald, for background reports.

Link: http://www.ayrshirepost.net/ayrshire-news/local-news-ayrshire/ayr-news/2010/05/21/teen-faces-jail-over-false-rape-claim-102545-26475887/