Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A call to arms: possibly the most important issue facing the men's movement

This is the most important issue the false rape community has encountered, and possibly the most important issue the men's movement has before it right now. It cries out for intense, fierce, and smart advocacy.  It can't be handled in a single blog post. I intend to do whatever I am capable of doing to help, but I need help: the issue is a UK issue, and my familiarity with the UK is limited. 

The issue is the opposition by a significant number of MPs to the new UK government's plan for anonymity for the presumptively innocent accused of rape. 

John Kimble, writing for one of my favorite blogs, The Rights of Man, has written a brilliant piece that lists the names of the 53 MPs opposing the proposal to give anonymity to those accused of rape.  Among his points is this dead-on refutation of the motion's assertion that "the Government has put forward the proposal without any research, evidence or examination of these issues; and calls on the Government to withdraw its proposal."  Mr. Kimble counters:  "This last point is the most valid aspect of the motion. There is something of a lack of research on this issues, yet you'll notice that the vast majority of this listed below who signed the motion are member of the Labour Party and have therefore been in power for the last 13 years. These politicians had all that time to conduct this research yet they've refused to even discuss the issue of innocent people having their lives completely ruined by false accusers. In fact it's worse than this, the Labour government created and nurtured a hysterical gender feminist climate in which the issue became almost completely taboo, so it's little wonder we're lacking in decent research on the issue. This is quite clearly a problem of their own making so it's quite pathetic to bring up such a point now."

I am writing to Mr. Kimble, Snark, Fidelbogen, and Steve, of course, because we need to come up with a battle plan.  I invite all our readers to brainstorm.

I'll be damned if I'm going to do nothing while the well-organized feminist machine destroys the most humane plan we've seen for the innocent lambs falsely accused of rape.