Friday, May 7, 2010

Rape Culture 101 -- The true purpose of rape culture claims

by Connie Chastain*

I don't believe the rape culture exists. It's a total fabrication of those who knowingly concoct it and a delusion for those who genuinely believe -- or perhaps a hallucination.

In any case, we're told that rape culture is a particularly heinous tool of the patriarchy for subjugating women. It uses fear and intimidation to keep women psychologically unable to achieve status and power, thus enabling men to maintain their positions atop the hierarchy.

But everything I've encountered in feminist writings designed to persuade me of its existence fall short. Why? Because they presume to speak for others. They attempt to tell me what's in the minds of millions of men they don't know. They presume to tell me what motivates the general public and society itself. They even try to tell me what I think.

Unfortunately for them, I don't consider feminists writings to be reliable sources of information about those they consider to be their critics and opponents.

Another reason I don't buy into the existence of rape culture is because it falls so far short of fulfilling its purported purpose.

Consider that the number of men who rape, the number of rapes that occur, the number of women raped (far fewer than the thoroughly debunked one-in-four figure) aren't enough to keep women too cowed to achieve. I mean, really. How many scared women do you know?

Despite the reality of rape (and crime in general) women do achieve -- whether you agree it's always a good thing or not. Women are the overlords of primary, secondary and higher education in the USA and they dominate college enrollment. They comprise the majority of the workforce. They do most of the consumer spending and shape the popular culture. They're the beneficaries of sex-based legislation and mountains of government spending. The list goes on and on.

If the real deal doesn't result in what's claimed, how can make-believe -- even well coordinated, and widely trumpeted make-believe --succeed at it?

It can't. And therein lies a clue to the true purpose of rape culture claims. Basically, rape culture was invented not to explain women's fear-based lack of achievement, but to portray men as heartless oppressors. It is a tool of feminism designed to foster animosity toward men, because the foundation of feminism is the hatred of men, it's goal female supremacy. The rape culture fable is making much more headway with its true purpose.

Yes, I know not every feminist embraces the goal of female supremacy, nor do they all plant their patent leather stilletos firmly upon the hatred of men. But knowingly or not, they are reinforcing the foundation and advancing the goal.

The constant carping about rape culture is indeed making headway. The increasing reports of false rape accusations recorded on this blog document it. Hopefully, The False Rape Society will also serve to blunt its advance. Kudos to Pierce Harlan, E. Steven Berkimer, contributors, commenters and readers for their

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