Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Notes about FRS

Several administrative notes:

(1)  We are sprucing up the right side of our page to make it easier to navigate. Please note, there is a link for "informative sources" which a lot of people don't know about but, hopefully, our readers will now consult more frequently.  I periodically add to it, and I suggest we all pay particular attention to it and recommend additions when we encounter them.  I realize I've left out some useful sources, and am trying to add them. 

(2)  Steve and I are on the lookout for good writers who'd like to make weekly contributions. We were very pleased to recently add Connie as a weekly contributor, and we could stand to add a couple more people. (Snark, I'm looking at you . . . .)

(3)  Finally, and most important: we believe this blog is starting to have an impact in the public discourse about rape. We've noticed it in subtle, but discernible, ways.  Our message can't be plausibly argued against, and we want to insure, going forward, that it isn't lost in emotion.  The issues surrounding false rape claims conjure up a tremendous amount of anger, and our goal is to turn that anger into focused, zealous advocacy.  Over the next several months, you will see more and more serious examinations of the issues related to false rape claims.  This site is becoming the clearinghouse for all issues related to false rape claims.