Monday, May 24, 2010

McCalla teen charged with making false rape report

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Brittany Krider arrested over false rape claim.

A McCalla teen is under arrest after authorities say she made up a story that she was raped to avoid getting in trouble for being out past her curfew.

Her tale of being attacked at a service station made its way onto the internet and grew to the point where rumors spread that the same type of incident had occurred two other times over the past week, said Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian.

"At the very least it caused serious concerns and some panic in that area and also had the potential to damage the reputation of area businesses," Christian said.

Brittany Krider, 18, is charged with giving false information to law enforcement. She was booked into the county jail Tuesday and released on $5,000 bond.

The investigation began April 13 when Bessemer police responded to the report of an 18-year-old woman being treated at a hospital for a reported rape. Krider, authorities said, told police that just after 9 p.m. she was returning to her car after paying for gas when she was forced into the back seat by a masked man and sexually assaulted.

Sheriff's deputies took over the investigation on April 15, Christian said. They reviewed surveillance video from the service station and couldn't find the victim or an alleged offender on tape. When questioned about that, Krider changed her statement to say that it happened at a home, Christian said.

Further questioning revealed the entire report was fabricated and the alleged rape case has been closed.

"I am sure this young lady never dreamed her story would get so out of hand and she sincerely regrets it. We are happy to let the good people out in McCalla know that there isn't a serial rapist on the loose out there as described," Sheriff Mike Hale said. "Hopefully Ms Krider has learned a valuable lesson about how a lie can take on a life of its own and dramatically affect many people."

[FRS COMMENT] - Based on everything we have seen since this site began, it is reasonable to assume she knew exactly what would happen, based on her story. She would get attention, everyone would bend over backward to help her, and, based on the last sentence of the story, I would guess that she actually pointed the finger of guilt at someone, but that person isn't named because it was proven false. It will be interesting to see what punishment, if any, she receives.