Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lorain police rule reported kidnapping/rape as false

Based on the detailed information the two boys gave, it sounds like they were trying to get someone specific in trouble. Sounds like a revenge type of accusation, to me at least. This isn't our usual kind of story, but based on the statement by the boys that the girl was screaming "Help! Rape! Rape!", I decided to post this.

And sad to say, I left the misspellings of the word "juveniles" as they appeared in the story. Haven't news organizations ever heard of spell check?

2 boys falsely claim they witness a kidnapping.

— Lorain police say an abduction reported by two juvenilles on Friday was made up.

According to Lorain Police Detective Sgt. Mark McCoy, two boys told police they saw a 14-year-old girl yell “Help! Rape! Rape!” and then run from a vehicle. They told police she was chased by a man with a gun and forced back into the vehicle.

The juvenilles also told police the man began chasing them, according to a police report.

McCoy said police were put off by an extraordinary amount of detail the two witnesses were able to remember, including a description of rings the suspect was wearing, specific tattoos, a scar on the victim’s cheek and the car’s missing a muffler.

“We all kind of thought this was an incredible amount of information,” McCoy said. “It was very unusual from our perspective.”

The two boys admitted to fabricating the story when called back for a second interview with police, McCoy said.

No charges have been filed against the boys yet, but McCoy said charges are likely.

See Wednesday’s edition of The Morning Journal for more on this story.