Friday, May 7, 2010

Another college false rape claim

We are constantly hearing about the prevalence of rape on campus, even though law enforcement's official crime statistics never support the claim that rape on campus is rampant. To show that rape on campus is rampant, we are told that the vast majority of rapes are not reported.  The extent of underreporting has never been plausibly demonstrated, and the entire field is so terribly politicized that we can't trust the telephone polls that NOW and RAINN and their ilk rely on. What does seem to be the bigger problem on campus are false rape claims.  Time and time again we report on this site that a college rape claim has turned out to be false.  To our knowledge, none of these false rape claims find their way into any official crime statistics (except, we suspect, they are still counted as actual rapes in some tallies) despite the fact that the crime victimizes one class of students to the exclusion of the other: male students. 

Note, in the following story, the false accuser isn't named. To its credit, when the Washington Post previously reported this alleged rape, it didn't name the male suspect. See here.

Pr. George's college student recants rape allegation, police say

Investigators with the Prince George’s County Police Department have determined that an alleged sexual assault on the Largo campus of Prince George’s Community College Wednesday was a consensual encounter, a police spokesman said Thursday.

Officer Evan Baxter, the spokesman, said investigators have released the man they had in custody for the incident without criminal charges.

The woman, whom college officials identified as a community college student, had told police Wednesday that she was sexually assaulted outside the Center for Advanced Technology. Baxter said the woman “ended up recanting the rape itself,” and she acknowledged the activity between her and the man was consensual. Baxter said police had recovered some physical evidence during their investigation but he could not say what it was.

-- Matt Zapotosky