Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Women tried to destroy cab driver with a false rape claim over a fare

COMMENT: The news report below chronicles a textbook false rape claim.  Two women were willing to destroy the life of a cab driver with a rape lie because they didn't want to pay a fare (cab drivers are among the classes of citizens most at risk for false rape claims -- see here).  At least one of the women, Charlene Beal, pictured here, physically attacked him and damaged his cab. Then the women accused him of rape.  Then he was jailed -- until police discovered he was innocent (you see, you must be found "innocent" before the police will free you after two drunken women accuse you of rape).  The court sentenced the women to eleven months in jail.  The judge told the women that they did a wicked thing, and that their lie was "a crime against women in general."

In short, this is a garden variety false rape claim case. The life of a hapless male is deemed less worthy than the price of a cab ride (we've actually seen worse on this site).  The male is arrested on the say-so of drunken women and retained until his innocence is proved (for what other class of citizens do we routinely hand the power to deprive another class of citizens of their liberty?).  The rape lie was called a lie against women in general, and that is correct.  But the cab driver was the primary victim.  Moreover, false rape claims, are crimes against males in general, not just because of the lie but because the lie is too readily believed by law enforcement and then not punished adequately when its falsity is exposed.  (If you are going to accept the word of a lone accuser and deprive a male of his liberty, then if the accuser turns out to be a liar, you'd damn well better be prepared to hold her accountable. We rarely do.)

In short, just another day in our false rape society.  Here is the news story:

Women jailed over false sex attack claims

Two drunken women who made false sexual allegations about a taxi driver have been sent to jail.

Charlene Beal, pictured left, became violent after she argued with Zubair Khan over the fare and then claimed he sexually assaulted her and exposed himself.

The 50-year-old cabbie was arrested and held in a police cell for several hours before police discovered he was innocent.

Jailing Beal, 27, for 19 months and her then partner Lisa McGuire, 26, for 11 months, a judge told them: "It was a wicked thing to do to accuse that man of what you accused him of.

"It is a crime against women in general. Do you know why?

"Lawyers acting for alleged victims of sex offences, he said, are entitled to say: "Read your newspapers, members of the jury, women make things up."

Recorder Cairns Nelson QC added: "You should hang your heads in shame."

Maidstone Crown Court heard Mr Khan had picked up Beal and McGuire in the early hours of February 19 at the River Tavern in Strood.

Neil Sandys, prosecuting, said Mr Khan, who was working for a Gillingham taxi firm, told the women the fare to Maidstone would be £30.

After Beal argued the fare should be £22.50, the cabbie asked for the cash up front.

Beal handed over £20 and said the rest would be paid when they arrived at their destination.

Mr Sandys said when they arrived in the town centre Beal and McGuire wanted to go further. Mr Khan said he would not take them anywhere until they had paid.

A struggle then ensued.

"Mr Khan was shocked and scared," said Mr Sandys. "From then on the incident escalated very quickly indeed."

About £750 worth of damage was caused to the dashboard, radio and meter equipment.

Mr Khan managed to get out of the cab but his mobile phone was thrown in the road. As he bent down to get it, he was pushed over. Beal kicked him in the legs.

She then made a 999 call in which she said Mr Khan had either attempted to rape her or sexually assault her.

Beal, of Bell Road, Park Wood, Maidstone, and McGuire, pictured right, of Glasgow House, Highland Road, Maidstone, admitted perverting the course of justice and damaging property.

Beal also admitted assaulting Mr Khan and a public order offence.

Mary Jacobson, for McGuire, said her client played little part in the allegation of indecent exposure. “She was literally a back seat passenger,” she said.

“This was simply meant to be a fun night out which went dramatically wrong for all parties involved. She and Miss Beal were partners at the time. They have since moved on to new partners.”

Timothy Banks, for Beal, said his client knew there was no truth in her allegations against Mr Khan and that he was entirely innocent.

“She was struggling with alcohol addiction,” he said. “It is a disgraceful incident.”

Beal worked as a school dinner lady but it came to an end when checks were made and her criminal record was discovered.

“She knows what she has done was close to wicked,” added Mr Banks.

Cabbie Zubair Khan said afterwards he was pleased with the sentence but would have liked to have seen the two women get at least two years jail.

"I think as they have admitted it the sentence is OK. If they had been given two years it would have been better."