Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woman cries rape to 'explain' cheating on her husband

To cover up for cheating on her husband, after he caught them, she claims rape. And wouldn't you know it, although she received a 6 month sentence, so long as she keeps her nose clean for three years, she'll serve not a single of that sentence.

Sithembile Magadi given 6 month sentence, sort of.

A BULAWAYO woman who framed her landlord that he raped her in a bid to save her marriage when she was caught red-handed by her husband was yesterday sentenced to six months in prison.

Sithembile Magadi, of Plot 15 Trenance, was convicted on her plea of guilty to contravening a section of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act (making a false report) when she appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Ms Charity Maphosa.

Two months of her sentence were conditionally suspended for three years.

The remaining four months were suspended on condition she completes 140 hours of community service.

Magadi was arrested last week after she confessed in court that she had framed her landlord, Brian Weale, by accusing him of raping her, in order to conceal their love affair from her husband.

Weale was arrested and had been languishing in remand prison since October last year until a week ago when Magadi tendered an affidavit intending to withdraw the charges, in the process making her confession.

The magistrate, Miss Nonkululeko Mkhonto, after withdrawing the matter, ordered Magadi’s arrest and that a docket be compiled against her.

In her sworn affidavit, Magadi said she reported the matter fearing that her husband would assault her after they were caught red-handed.

“I reported a case of rape against the accused, Brian Weale. The truth is that I was having an extra-marital affair with him and I was caught red-handed by my husband. Trying to save my marriage I lied that he raped me,” she wrote.

She said Weale was innocent and had been taking care of her family when her husband was ill.

“I therefore wish to withdraw the charges against him, an innocent soul who was paying for hospital bills while my husband was ill, paid for food and rent. He was also carrying my husband while he was ill,” she submitted.

Magadi and her husband are still together.