Monday, April 19, 2010

Whirl around the wacky, wonderful world of misandry

A blow to the (male) groin is "funny" to men because they know how awful it feels and are glad it didn't happen to them, says an expert. OK, so then why is it funny to women?  Or is the answer something we'd rather not think about?

A teenage girl wrestler is wrestling with the boys, and she wins 10 of 25 matches, so they write a big article about her. Few people seem to care about the effect her wrestling has on the boys. “My sons would always say it was twice as bad for a boy than a girl,” one mother said. “If you beat a girl, people would say, ‘How hard is that?’ Then, if you got beat by a girl …” their peers wouldn’t let them live it down.  But, hey, so long as the girl is empowered, that's all that matters. The boys will just have to "get over" their backward masculine thinking, right?  Funny how boys rarely insist on playing on the girls' teams -- even those boys who aren't super-athletic, who couldn't make the boys' team, and who might actually find playing on girls' teams rewarding and competitive.  You see, when you reverse the genders, it's not "empowering," and boys who dare try out for the girls' team are ridiculed and encouraged not to do it (and of course, there's always someone who will try to bar them outright).  Who would scream loudest?  The parents of the girls on the team, of course.

The college gender gap?  No big deal.  "This gender gap can be a problem, but ultimately it’s a female success story."  Go, women!  But, wait, this gap does pose serious problems -- for women: "If women continue to make up the college student majority, colleges and universities will eventually have to confront the question of how social life on campus will change without so many guys."  My heart goes out to the poor victims.

Why are boys doing so poorly in school? Why, it has nothing to do with the schools, according to experts.  You see, "the complex factors that produce and celebrate ''particular forms of harmful masculinity need to be acknowledged and challenged.''  Another expert was even more blatant: there is a need to challenge suggestions that some boys are unable to successfully engage with schooling because of its feminisation. You see, we need to "rethink masculinities" so that we can produce global citizens who could work towards a more equal gender order.  ''The production of such global citizens is unlikely to occur when those who are the most privileged in a society are deemed to be victims, as with the way in which the boys' debate has developed.''  (Heaven forbid we call the victims "the victims" if they happen to sport penises.)

Here's a woman who is tired of blaming only men for women's failure in the sciences.  It seems success requires lots of hours and effort. Of course, "success" is an artificial male construct. The only way we can make things right is if we re-order the world so that mediocrity is rewarded more than superior achievement. 

Co-ed bathrooms on campus:  Remember Jennifer Weiler, the freshman at Green Mountain College, who filed a suit against the State of Vermont, "contending that it had not enforced codes mandating single-sex bathrooms"?  The bathrooms on her coed floors were open to men and women.  But you might have read that she didn't like the fact that the men dried themselves off right there in the open -- you know, so their penises were visible!  "When Ms. Weiler raised the issue, one of two bathrooms on her floor was designated for women only. Her suit contends that male students continued to use it."  Did you get that?  They barred the men from one-half of the facilities on her floor, but the other bathroom continued to be co-ed.  And then she bitches when the men still dared to use the "women's only" facility.  Gee, could it be because women were using the other (co-ed) facility, so they had nowhere else to go?

But on that same subject of co-ed bathrooms, I'll leave you with this commentary.  This will be the last entry on this post because it contains good-old fashioned 70s feminist gibberish that we just won't be able to top, and it might just make your head explode:  "I did know several women . . . who were uncomfortable with the [co-ed bathroom] arrangement. . . . they weren't bothered by the proximity of dick. Rather, they felt that coed nudity was inherently unequal, that being seen naked would always be different for a woman than for a man. In a way, I agree with this. Women are disproportionately the victims of sexual violence and stalking, and the male gaze is much more frequently threatening to women than the female gaze is to men."

Now, I will go vomit.